2016 Summer Olympics Metal Count Propositions: US tops the Westgate Charts

The SuperBook of Las Vegas, WestGate, is offering up a large number of 2016 Summer Olympic propositions and the most popular is the Over/Unders on the number of medals a specific country will win. The United States, as of today’s WestGate update, is expected to earn the most overall medals and has been issued a number of 41.5 via Las Vegas’ largest sportsbook. Team China is a close second on the propositions chart with a prop figure of 34.5.  The SuperBook has given Great Britain a number of 18.5 followed by Germany at 15.5 and rounding out the Top-5 is the duo of Japan and Austria with 12.5.

The United States has come out on top in the Summer Games medal count at every Summer Olympics for the last 20 years, since 1996.

There are the usual suspects, or countries, that trend strongly in specific events.  Nations like Italy seemingly always have a strong showing in the fencing container while South Korea is one of the more capable teams in archery while China is once again expected to be the top team in most all table tennis events.

The biggest sportsbook in Las Vegas, the Superbook, Westgate, has updated their Olympics Proposition Charts on how many medals countries will win.

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