With the college basketball regular season in the books and conference tournament concluded it is time to “Dance”. The official Sunday Selection brackets were completed by the NCAA committee today. While most of the water cooler talk will be about filling out the Big Dance brackets, choosing the national champion and of course winning the office pool but how about the Vegas and Offshore NCAA basketball futures as an investment? College Basketball National Championship Odds (March 11).

I am not suggesting you don’t take time to do your homework and fill out the brackets for the thousand-and-one online pools. But once you have done that homework why not take your national champion and place some lunch money on your projected winner.

The World’s Largest Race and Sportsbook has updated their 2017-18 College Basketball National Championship futures. And if you are a hoops fanatic it is likely you already have a bracket printed out and are ready to go to work.

It has been a wild and wacky college basketball season. There have been the usual upsets but also the campus crews have had international incidents that required the President Trump to call for the players release, in China. There was a game which ended three-on-five games and an ridiculously intense FBI probe that involves play-for-pay.

The ACC has the most schools in the championship tournament. And they are followed by the SEC then the Big 12. Is Kentucky finally playing at a championship level. Will the SEC raise the national championship trophy in football and basketball? Is Michigan or Michigan State the best from the Big 10 this year?

Can a defensive minded Virginia Cavaliers squad win a championship without a soon-to-be NBA talent on their roster? And who is this year’s Cinderella?

The latest Odds to Win 2017-18 College Basketball National Championship are provided by WestGate of Las Vegas.

College Basketball National Championship Odds (March 11)



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