2018 College Basketball Handicapping Guide

The wait is OVER. The 2018 College Basketball Handicapping Guide from Ralph Michaels is OUT! By showing how a team did last year and evaluating their recruiting class, number of returning starts and ranks for three sources it is a great way to start off you 2018-2019 College Basketball Power Ratings. Some of the tools included in this FREE guide are:

1 – 2017-2018 Returning Starters. You have to know how manyreturned to know if the they over or underperformed for LY’s results
2 – LY’s SU Records, both conference & overall
3 – LY’s FINAL Power Rating Rank
4 – LY’s FINAL Strength of Schedule (SOS)
5 – The PPG diff as well as points scored & allowed
6 – The Rebounds per game diff & offensive and defensive rebounds for both team and opponent
7 – AP Ranks for pre-season & their regular season final as well as their highest rank during the season
8 – Did you favorite team win the Regular season Title, the Conference Tournament Title and/or make the NCAA Tournament
9 – The teams Head Coach and years as HC at this school.
10- The job history for all 55 new HC’s. A RED 1st means that this isthe HC’s first Div-IA HC job
11 – 2018-2019 Returning Starters12 – Recruiting ranks from 247.com
13 – Conference ranks from Blue Ribbon as well as national ranks from KenPom and Bart Torvik
14 – The 3-year look as teams pace of play

15 – The Adjusted offense and defense based on SOS
Much, much more!

Was $19.95, Now $0.00 (Download your FREE COPY Now!)

Ralph Michaels

Ralph was born with handicapping in his blood making his own football tickets in junior high school. Yet another Cleveland area handicapper who in his 20's moved to Southern California and found a niche in the handicapping industry selling selections first to associates and later expanding into California Sports. Returning to Cleveland, Ralph not only brought Cal Sports with him but joined Northcoast Sports as well. It did not take long for him to discover a successful passion towards college basketball and he ventured on his own which led to incredible success including several #1 title from the Sports Monitor in both College Hoops and March Madness. Those award winning seasons made Cal Sports a household name among handicappers, basketball bettors and sportsbook managers. After marriage and a child, Ralph continued on with Cal Sports and took an offer from Northcoast Sports to assist in football handicapping. In the last several seasons he was not only the lead handicapper for their Late Phones and the Power Sweep newsletter he single handedly started the college totals program which was a documented 38-19, 67% in 2014. The only downside of Ralph handling the Northcoast handicapping was that it also included the role of General Manager leaving a void for basketball handicapping until the bowls were complete.

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Ralph Michaels

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