College Football Predictions: Oklahoma and Colorado on Upset Alert

For upset alert this week, let’s go with Oklahoma and Colorado.

Oklahoma has had numerous defensive injuries all year, and DT Charles Walker left the team this week. They travel to West Virginia this week.

Colorado takes the Pac-12 South with wins in their last two games. But don’t doubt a strong Washington State team that comes to town this week.

Neither team should lose, but don’t be surprised if one of them does. A team on upset alert has lost 8 of 10 weeks this season.

Central Michigan will beat Ohio by 5.4. Central Michigan won 27-20 on Tuesday.

Georgia Tech will beat Virginia by 8.9.

Louisville will beat Houston by 9.7.

Pittsburgh will beat Duke by 11.1.

UTEP will beat Rice by 0.5.

Temple will beat Tulane by 10.7.

Georgia State will beat Georgia Southern by 0.3.

Boise State will beat UNLV by 24.0.

Boston College will beat Connecticut by 7.2.

Oregon State will beat Arizona by 0.2.

Florida State will beat Syracuse by 15.9.

Hawaii will beat Fresno State by 3.8.

Appalachian State will beat Louisiana Monroe by 22.6.

Washington will beat Arizona State by 20.7.

Nebraska will beat Maryland by 13.1.

South Florida will beat SMU by 10.2.

Georgia will beat Louisiana Lafayette by 22.6.

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Here’s what Pro Football Focus said about an NFL QB prospect before the 2016 draft.

He needs to improve his location of his throws, in particular, struggling to beat tight coverage at every level of the defense.

It may have seemed as if Smith improved at protecting the ball in his senior season—he had just five picks in his final year at Deep South State—but he benefitted from 11 drops from defenders to maintain respectable numbers.

After an underwhelming Senior Bowl, Smith should only be considered towards the end of the draft.

Hint: his name ain’t Smith, and he didn’t go to Deep South State. Instead, he’s tearing up the NFL.

I talk about this QB and his team on the podcast. It’s an extra member prediction to the ones below.

Carolina will beat New Orleans by 2.1.

New England will beat San Francisco by 11.8.

New York Giants will beat Chicago by 8.2.

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