College Football Predictions: Western Michigan and Penn State on Upset Alert!

Don’t laugh at upset alert this week. Let’s go with Western Michigan and… Penn State.

Western Michigan hosts a Toledo team that I’ve liked all year. Expect a lot of points in this game, and Toledo just might come away with the win on the last possession.

And why would I put Penn State on upset alert when they play 3-8 Michigan State?

The numbers like it, and Penn State has multiple offensive linemen nursing injuries. It hasn’t impacted them yet, but I feel like these kind of injuries eventually catch up with a team.

I could have put Washington on upset alert, but it’s not as exciting when a team gets upset by another top 25 team (Washington State).

Neither Western Michigan nor Penn State should lose, but don’t be surprised if one of them goes down.

Free Football Best Bets from Marco D’Angelo and Ralph Michaels

Washington will beat Washington State by 5.6.

Penn State will beat Michigan State by 6.6.

Louisiana Tech will beat Southern Miss by 6.6.

Mississippi will beat Mississippi State by 10.7.

Kansas State will beat Kansas by 21.0.

Stanford will beat Rice by 34.3.

San Jose State will beat Fresno State by 2.5.

South Florida will beat UCF by 12.8.

Northwestern will beat Illinois by 14.6.

Connecticut will beat Tulane by 6.1.

Troy will beat Texas State by 21.0.

Northern Illinois will beat Kent State by 3.5.

Tulsa will beat Cincinnati by 9.1.

West Virginia will beat Iowa State by 9.3.

Louisville will beat Kentucky by 21.9.

Georgia will beat Georgia Tech by 7.2.

Brigham Young will beat Utah State by 13.4.

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It’s tough to look at a home NFL team as a 7 point underdog to a non-Super Bowl contender and think that’s not enough points.

However, that’s exactly the situation we’re in as the New York Giants travel to Cleveland.

The Browns are 30th and 31st in my pass offense and defense rankings that take yards per attempt and adjust for schedule. These peripheral stats give no hope to the Browns.

At least Cleveland won an NBA title this year.

Buffalo will beat Jacksonville by 6.8.

Atlanta will beat Arizona by 7.2.

New York Giants will beat Cleveland by 9.3.

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