Denver Broncos at Detroit Lions Preview and Free NFL Pick

How ironic for Lion fans that Peyton Manning pulls into the Motor City right after the off-season which saw linebacker Ndamukong Suh forsake the Lion cage for greater fiscal rewards? Now, Suh has to wait to renew acquaintances with Tom Brady, and it’s left for Matt Stafford to flail away against Denver’s vastly-upgraded and imposing pass defense — especially the QB rush that’s left Joe Flacco and Alex Smith bearing fat “L”s. Stafford and Lions dug themselves a two-TD hole in Minny, resulting in Stafford’s 53 passes heaved in a futile effort to get any closer than seven points. Detroit’s been dealt a wicked hand by the schedulemakers, though they managed to run up an 18-point lead at San Diego in the opener before proceeding to pull an epic collapse. Make no mistake, the Lions are desperate, especially with a visit to Seattle, next. But Peyton Manning’s had a luxurious ten days to recover, after the Bronco defense applied more pressure to Andy Reid’s Chiefs than Kansas City could endure. Going with the flow, with Lions in full regression mode. DENVER BRONCOS, 28-17.

Free NFL Pick: Denver Broncos over Detroit Lions by 11

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