Live Betting Tips for NFL In-Game Betting

I spent 3 years creating In-Game lines for NFL and NCAAF games for Pinnacle Sports (made, posted and adjusted lines all in the span of 3 minutes while taking bets of over $100,000 and ended year 2013 up over $1,000,000 in live football). During that time I learned a lot about market tendencies and where to find value.

Here are some simple tips to help you with your NFL Live bets during the rest of the playoffs.

  1. Bet immediately after a score – If you are going to bet, bet immediately after a score. The line is much less stable at that point, then after a punt. A score is a big change in the game state and often is the most uncertain time to post a line. After a score was the scariest time for me to post.

  1. Take a pregame underdog who is leading in the 2nd Half- The market wildly undervalues a pregame underdog who has a lead later in the game. This spot would come up over and over again and allow me to post a shaded line towards the favorite to overcharge the bettors, knowing that no one would take the dog. If Denver or Arizona has a lead in the 3rd or 4th quarter of the Conference Finals, feel confident betting on them.
  2. Beware of two possession spreads – In the playoffs teams will play ultra conservative with their Defense to close out games when they have a 2 score lead. Be wary of any spread -7.5 or higher. A lot of people got burned KC and Seattle’s late game heroics last week due to New England and Carolina going into a prevent and just looking to kill clock while giving up scores to close out the game. I’d steer away from a big spread in either of the conference final games.


Sports Betting Tips from Vegas Frank

Direct from Las Vegas, WagerTalk TV host Marco D’Angelo (@MarcoInVegas) talks with special guest Professional Gambler “Vegas Frank” about the tips and tricks on handicapping for a living in Las Vegas.

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