Odds to Win 2019 College Basketball Title

The March college basketball orbit is filled with excitement. In short it presents pseudo fresh starts for teams that have not performed to regular season expectations. It is essentially a new beginning. It can be compared to Major League Baseball’s spring training where pointspreads don’t exist. And if they did they would be properly ignored by the players. Odds to Win 2019 College Basketball Title.

Likewise Mad March is prone to overreactions and emotional outbursts. The display of such comes in the form of melancholy and felicity, depending on the outcome of a single game. Those sensations by passionate fan bases are understandable. It is March for hoops-sake.

Incidentally it isn’t just the hardcore campus basketball fanatic that eats, drinks and is defined by their team’s success. Those who [NCAA selection committee] are in possession of the wand-seed are also guilty of side-stepping reality when expectations are thwarted.

Is Tennessee worthy of a No. 1 Seed?

So because the No. 5 Tennessee Volunteers suffered an 84-80 loss to the actions of the Auburn Tigers this afternoon the Vols will likely have to win the SEC postseason tournament to return being considered a top seed in one of the four regions. It could be said that I too am guilty of overreacting to Tennessee’s loss.

Auburn has been ranked 18th or better by KenPom the entire season. But aren’t I correct in assuming that a No. 1 seed can’t have lost three games in less than a month and posture themselves as one of the best four teams entering “The Dance”? The short answer to what was intended to be a rhetorical statement is no. The long answer is… still no.

The three losses that the Volunteers have suffered since February 16?

  • As a visitor at Rupp Arena to the Kentucky Wildcats.
  • In hostile territory against LSU, one of the 10 best teams in the college ranks.
  • And again, on the road, today against Auburn; a team that been consistency great all season.

A virgin like setting with an unsoiled redolence is in the air. It is spring. It is basketball genesis. Every team in Division I hoops is presented with a fresh start. All that is necessary to avoid your championship coach from turning into a pumpkin is… winning. Raise the trophy in a conference tournament and teams are awarded a ticket to the spring dance. Follow that with six [seven if taking part in the play-in game] consecutive wins and all of yesterday’s disappointments are forgiven.

AACMemphis, Tenn.March 14-17
ACCCharlotte, N.C.March 12-16
America EastCampus sitesMarch 9, 12 & 16
Atlantic 10Brooklyn, N.Y.March 13-17
Atlantic SunCampus sitesMarch 4-10
Big EastNew YorkMarch 13-16
Big SkyBoise, IdahoMarch 11-16
Big SouthCampus sitesMarch 5-10
Big TenChicago, Ill.March 13-17
Big 12Kansas CityMarch 13-16
Big WestAnaheimMarch 14-16
ColonialNorth Charleston, S.C.March 9-12
Conference USAFrisco, TexasMarch 13-16
Horizon LeagueDetroitMarch 5-12
Ivy LeagueNew Haven, Conn.March 16-17
MAACAlbany, N.Y.March 7-11
MACCampus sitesMarch 11-16
Cleveland, Ohio
MEACNorfolk, Va.March 11-16
Missouri ValleySt. LouisMarch 7-10
Mountain WestLas VegasMarch 13-16
NortheastCampus sitesMarch 6, 9 & 12
Ohio ValleyEvansville, Ind.March 6-9
Pac-12Las VegasMarch 13-16
PatriotCampus sitesMarch 5, 7, 10 & 13
SECNashville, Tenn.March 13-17
SouthernAsheville, N.CMarch 8-11
SouthlandKaty, TexasMarch 13-17
SummitSioux Falls, S.D.March 9-12
Sun BeltNew OrleansMarch 12-17
SWACBirmingham, Ala.March 12, 15-16
WACLas VegasMarch 13-16
West CoastLas VegasMarch 7-12


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Odds to Win 2019 College Basketball Title

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