Westgate Odds to Win 2020 CFP Championship

College football has been a part of the American fabric for nearly 150 years. Across the century and a half of campus contests schools have made claims of being the national champion without a true tournament or controlling body to validate said title.

And even today, in the college football playoff era, pundits debate and argue which teams should be included in the small four-team postseason format.

A four-team tournament, selected by a panel of NCAA company officials, that are by the way millionaires that are still influenced by conference affiliations, are in pseudo control.

Since the inception of the now-CFP format the following teams have been crowned champions.

College Football National Champions

2018: Clemson
2017: Alabama (a season in which undefeated University of Central Florida wasn’t a part of the Final Four)
2016: Clemson
2015: Alabama
2014: Ohio State

Prior to the NCAA using the current four-team format a combination of national polls and computers would choose which teams were the No. 1 and No. 2. schools and match them up in a bowl game.

College Football National Champions

2013: Florida State
2012: Alabama
2011: Alabama
2010: Auburn
2009: Alabama
2008: Florida
2007: LSU
2006: Florida
2005: Texas
2004: USC
2003: LSU
2002: Ohio State
2001: Miami
2000: Oklahoma
1999: Florida State
1998: Tennessee

Regardless of what college football does in terms of formatting a national champion the sport simply isn’t designed to play but once a week. This due to the violent nature of the game and the controlled collisions. It simply prohibits a team from being able to be fully prepared and healthy (kind of) but once per week. Thus preventing the 100-plus teams from being limited to a tournament that can be played across a four-to-six week holiday schedule.

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Westgate Odds to Win 2020 CFP Championship

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