Vegas SuperBook College Football Games of the Year

College Football Games of the Year

College football is no longer a game.  Not for that few with the skill set to be the best and the brightest in one of the most popular forms of global entertainment. With the current rules and bi-laws in place, unconstitutional as they may be, it is a requirement, not an individual option, that individuals are prohibited from entering the occupational field of their choice. Not without paying the entry fee. What does it cost to buy a spot in the NCAA Cirque du Soleil Show? The cost is individually independent. The Cirque du Soleil referred to; College Football Saturday. Vegas SuperBook College Football Games of the Year.

Syracuse no David

There was space in time when college football was conducted on a level playing field. The term level is, of course, subjective but all things being equal to the demographics even David could compete with Goliath. The price that is paid by said athlete varies. And those variables are for a different space and time inside of the WagerTalkNews.

Welcome to the New World. And no this is not a promotional advertisement for the novel based on interviews by journalist Jake Halpernprice. It is the world in which colleges pay to have the media sell a school fan base an elixir that makes us believe that our football team can not only entertain but compete and defeat Goliath University.

Flashback to when the cold of winter was morphing into and the cool warmth of spring and the talk of what the Syracuse Orange football program could be. Colored positive calling a freshman quarterback mature beyond his years and an offensive line that is good enough under head coach Dino Baber’s tutelage that the 2019 Cuse would not just be invited to a  holiday bowl but be a contender for The Orange Bowl.

Clemson owns ACC

The pitch for the product that Syracuse was using to sell was that if everything “left” went just “right” and the team’s history with Clemson repeated itself that the Orange could win the ACC.

The 2019 results found the Orange scoring a 24-0 shutout of Liberty in Week 1 followed by an ugly 63-20 loss at Maryland. That was followed by a 41-6 defeat at the hands of Clemson.  And last Saturday the Cuse fell to North Carolina State 16-10 in a contest in which the Orange more resembled a high school team attempting to operate an up-tempo offense for the first time.

The Las Vegas SuperBook Games of the year had Syracuse as near touchdown favorites against Pittsburgh. Westgate checks in with their latest update with the Orange at minus-1 for Saturday’s event at the Carrier Dome.




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Vegas SuperBook College Football Games of the Year