Caesars Palace College Football Week 1 Odds

Caesars Palace College Football Week 1 Odds

If you are one of the many college football crazies worldwide you embrace the first full Saturday of the regular season like a national holiday. The 2019 collegiate campaign kicks off with an abridged Week 0 Saturday doubleheader on August 24th. The Miami Hurricanes and Florida Gators meet in Orlando for the season’s official opener. The Floridian event is followed by the twin bill finale between the Arizona Wildcats and Hawaii Rainbow Warriors on the Big Island.

The powers-that-are in college football have retired a pair of longstanding institutions. The days when a certain secret society (group/club title has been redacted to protect the guilty) of Good ‘ole Boys ran college football with an iron fist are no more. The first feeling by those familiar with the NCAA and the dictatorship environment they work inside was relief. And to the small collection of my readers who feel the same, caveat emptor. The now-leadership is as, if not more, fiscally savvy and greedy as the previous silver-tongued Good ‘Ole Boys collective.

Tried and True Pigskin Traditions

College football’s tried and true tradition, both fiscally favorable and publically accepted, of positioning the annual championship game on New Year’s Day has been marginalized. The Rose and Sugar Bowls have been a January 1st landmark seemingly forever. January 1 of 2017 was only the 16th time since 1902 that the Rose Bowl wasn’t played on New Year’s day.

One would be considered logical to believe that the NCAA is North America’s biggest and most profitable sports company. Why on God’s green earth would a company rich and powerful enough to buy the Rose Bowl rights, trademark and Stadium 100 time over not stand firm with tradition and schedule the bowls kickoff on January 1st you ask.

As arrogant as the NCAA is capable the organizations leadership didn’t climb the ladder of success by committing business suicide.

The NCAA plantation is essentially owned and operated by a group of Fortune 500 brain trusts. While ego plays a part in business success it is the bottom-line that is the idol of that that reach this level of financial hierarchy.

Consequently the three letter answer to “why” the Granddaddy of Bowl Games didn’t kickoff on New Year’s Day of 2017?

NFL… as the first of January in 2017 was a Sunday.

Even if you CAN beat them – Joining them could be more PROFITABLE

The NCAA leadership made an intelligent decision years ago. And with that decision a simple rule was born.

“Never on Sunday”

One can find college football nearly every day of the week in the fall and winter. However, if the National Football League is in action that day or night there is a 99 percent likelihood college pigskin isn’t.

Yes the NCAA has the resources and the relationships to stand-alone. To do what they want and when they want. Furthermore explaining, albeit briefly and clumsily, my understanding of the how and why. In the case of this WagerTalk College Football Week 1 Line Report what is outline below, Week 1 of the 2019 college football season, provides evidence of what the NCAA is attempting to do with the opening weekend of the company’s top revenue generator.

Campus Gridiron Super Saturday

A number of college football programs play the role of “opener” for the real Week 1 collection of events. A small collection of Thursday and Friday night college footall events play the role of warm-ups to Super Saturday.

It is the final Saturday of August that holds the Week 1 NCAA and partipating school purse strings. Beginning on Thursday, August 29th, a collection of schools kick off three consecutive days of 2019 season debuts.

In exactly seven-weeks from the posting of this Caesars Entertainment College Football Week 1 Odds chart current campus faithful, alumni and football fanatics of all ages receive three  straight days  and nights of college football action. Live pigskin highlights across a trio of 24-hour periods  that hold the answers to question like the hire of Ryan Day in Columbus, Ohio.

The three days of Footballpalooza.  Coach Day opens at home against Lane Kiffin and FAU. The Buckeyes and the Owls are one of the early Saturday, Aug. 31, kickoffs the FOX Sports network will broadcast this season.

All of you faithful football fanatics are encouraged to call sick on Friday after day drinking on Thursday afternoon, followed by an evening of football free of arm tackles and anal officiating. A night of winning plays by your alma mater and my favorite teams (the ones I have money on).,

World famous Caesars Palace Race and Sportsbook on the Las Vegas Strip —  2019 College Football Week 1 Odds


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Caesars Palace College Football Week 1 Odds