South Point Race & Sportsbook Heisman Trophy Odds

South Point Race & Sportsbook Heisman Trophy Odds

College football fanatics that are passionate about both their home town teams or alma maters and their sportsbook bankroll bottom lines are forced to make decisions and set boundaries that most are unable to execute. In simple English to be successful in the New World counted pennies can be the difference from being a middle-class grunt or the sole proprietor of a multi-million dollar company. South Point Race & Sportsbook Heisman Trophy Odds.

What I label as the weekend warrior or public sports bettor, is either in the game or not. With “game” referencing a disease us Baby Boomers were born with. The level of the “game virus” one has dictates two variables that need to be transparent before getting in line at the sportsbook ticket window. Whether that ticket window is brick and mortar or virtual isn’t important. It also hasn’t deterred those who live in states where sports gambling is illegal to do so.

“Game Virus”

The average Joe that lives in Las Vegas, or Nevada, in general, is no different than the rancher who has enough cattle and wheat in his Nowhere, Kansas fields to pay the bills and feed his family. They both have some level of the “game virus”. This is unless they are much younger than me and are immune to the contagious pathogen we Baby Boomers carry. And yes my fellow Boomers there are those that are immune to the “game virus” pathogen.

South Point Race & Sportsbook Heisman Trophy Odds
LSU Tigers QB Joe Burrow believes he and his teammates are the best in college football.

The caveat to those immune?  They are not human. Over the years the Men in Black have integrated a species alien to me, to you. They changed the “game” rules. What was a way of life for us is no more. The truest sense of American capitalism, share price, and income, have lost their luster. The Boomer, the person that didn’t need to be told that the workday doesn’t end at 4;00 or 5:00 p.m., is an endangered species.  Those of us that understand; really really really get it, know that “He-She who dies with the most toys wins.”

Millennials are Sportsbook Friendly

The newest and most dangerous of the social aliens that share a part of our DNA are called Millennials. They are not a danger to the bookmaker. In fact they are a friend. They are a threat to what we Baby Boomers live good or live great by, capitalism.

Which leads me to the decision that you, the now-weekend warrior or square, have to make. Is your favorite team the school or franchise you were brainwashed to believe is the end-all in terms of being sports passion? Are you emotionally attached to a team, coach, player or school to the degree that it prohibits you from investing against their success? If the aforementioned sentences defines you then it is important that you understand something;  you are in fact a square. And while you enjoy betting on sports you will never, never ever, have long term financial gains from this form of gratification.

WagerTalk has vaccine for “Square”

If you are a Baby Boomer with a III or IV level of the “game virus” there is good news. There is a cure. The first step to recovery is trusting the WagerTalk team to assist you in your sports investing, namely your money management. Make it a point to visit the WagerTalkNews daily. Get the proper dose of WagerTalkNews, the vaccine that is the first step to morphing from “square” to “sharp”

South Point of Las Vegas Race and Sportsbook updated 2019 Heisman Trophy Odds:

At this point in the college football 2019 regular season, the value that was once attainable in the Heisman Trophy futures has disappeared. That, if you, like me, believe the best, the most valuable player in the college ranks, is Joe Burrow, quarterback of the LSU Tigers. Burrow opened at odds of 200-to-1 at South Point in June. His latest update has the best college quarterback directing traffic for one of the best collegiate football teams in the 2019 orbit.



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South Point Race & Sportsbook Heisman Trophy Odds