Westgate AFC East: NFL Regular Season Props

Westgate AFC East: NFL Regular Season Props

The National Football League season is but two weeks old. An infant  – in the time and space allotted to the company – compared to how much is yet to play in the seventeen-week regular season.  It isn’t just the “public” that has broken some important handicapping principals.  Upon the completion of NFL Sunday Week 2 the Week 3 overnight opening lines resulted in a number of local “sharps” and a handful of oddsmakers dancing to the seduction of their hearts. Westgate AFC East: NFL Regular Season Props.

In early September when the World’s Largest Race and Sportsbook, Westgate, posted their “Look-Ahead” lines they positioned the New England Patriots as 14.5-point favorites in Miami for Week 2. As of Sunday, Tom and Bill were played to a minus-18.

Most major sportsbook shops, both on The Strip and offshore, have adjusted their regular-season win totals on the Patriots. The average across the board now finds New England with an 11.5 win total. Furthermore, the juice on that 11.5 is as high as minus-160.

Todd Dewey, a local here in Vegas, who covers the gaming scene for the Las Vegas Review, gathered a number of comments from local bookmakers in reference to the current reaction to the Miami Dolphins and the season-long outlook for the organization.

Cowboys climb to minus-21 versus Dolphins

America’s team, the Dallas Cowboys, opened as 15-point home favorites over the Dolphins this past Friday at Westgate in their look-ahead lines. At the time this article went to press Dallas was minus-21 at Westgate.

Westgate sportsbook manager Ed Salmons said the line for the Week 2 Sunday game in Miami was overinflated. He went as far as to recommend a play on Miami.

“I thought 17 was the high end on this game,” Salmons said. “You have a unique case where the spread is ridiculous, and the coaches worked on the same staff. Is Belichick going to run up the score in this game? I’m guessing he’ll be nice about it. And New England always struggles in Miami.”

“There’s not a team that’s as bad as Miami showed last week. That was their all-time worst game. A professional team will come back from that and rally and at least give an effort.”

Multiple books have props on a winless season by the Dolphins and a perfect season by the Patriots and Westgate is always one of the leaders for posting in-season team props.

Westgate AFC East: NFL Regular Season Props

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Westgate AFC East: NFL Regular Season Props
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Westgate AFC East: NFL Regular Season Props