NFL Week 1 Fantasy Football Matchups: Giants vs. Cowboys

NFL Week 1 Fantasy Football Matchups: Sunday Night Football 8:30PM ET – New York Giants @ Dallas Cowboys

Spread: Cowboys -5.5

Over/Under: 50

Your New York Giants have had comically bad luck with injuries the past few years and when your injury reports start reading like soap opera plots, it can safely be chalked up to “bad luck”. Defensive anchor Jason Pierre Paul blew off his finger playing with fireworks this offseason, you can’t make this stuff up. I know the man is fighting for a new contract but you think that with what he was getting paid he could afford to hire someone to light off his firecrackers. With their starting LT going down in camp, they are starting the season much where they left off last year, patching together a starting lineup.  Dallas has put on a clinic for how to build a team starting from the inside out. They kept investing their draft picks in O-Line and it is paying dividends now. Their ability to grind the ball on offense has led to them being able to mask a poor defense, while also taking some of the pressure off of Tony Romo. Their O-Line is so good that they let the reigning offensive player of the year walk in free agency and are giving the snaps to an unheralded backup, Joseph Randle.

On paper the Giants have a solid front 7 and secondary. Their D-Line depth should be enough to handle an absence from JPP. Their biggest hole is probably at safety, and they have paper thin depth at CB. All of this is moot though because you need to field an all-pro front 7 to stop the bulldozing Dallas O-Line. Expect Dallas to run early and often in this game, following the same grindy game play they ran all last season. Joseph Randle is nowhere near the talent of Demarco Murray, but even Trent Richardson could hit the holes that Dallas will create.  Dez Bryant, fresh off a new contract, will likely get shadowed by capable Prince Amukamara. Normally I don’t buy into the “poor character” stories, but there are stats to back up players taking a decline after signing a contract and Dez’s character is exceptionally poor. I just think how motivated I would be to work out for 3-4 hours a day and eat chicken breast and broccoli after my job just paid me a 40 million dollar contract. I expect Dez to take a decline this year and at least one locker room blowup.  Romo will have another great real life QB season and poor fantasy QB season, Dallas’ best chances are simply to run the rock game in game out.

The Giants looked like they were about to be the new Eagles. An en vogue passing attack that devastated defenses with a hurry up offense. Then just about everyone got injured so much so that Peyton Hillis was seeing playing time. They look to be healthy, Victor Cruz and Rashad Jennings are getting great training camp reports, and Odell Beckham Jr. has limitless potential. The only answer is, can they all stay healthy. For season long fantasy that’s a larger concern, for Daily Fantasy you just need them to last the game. The Boys defensive strength lies in their front 7 where they took fliers on every bad attitude, in trouble with the law player that they could find. Bad press aside, it seems to be working. They should get pressure on Eli Manning, but with OC Macadoo’s quick hitting passing attack it may not be enough. Their glaring weakness is the secondary, which is great news for Eli and Beckham.  Larry Donnell came back down to earth after a MNF’s worth of glory, but he has the size to gulp up some TD’s this season. I like the Giants passing attack for this game.

Giants to target: Eli Manning QB, Odell Beckham Jr. WR, Larry Donnell TE

Cowboys to target: Joseph Randle RB

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