Top-10 Fantasy Football Quarterbacks for the 2018-19 Season

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The quarterback position in fantasy football isn’t as valuable as some other spots, but by choosing one of these 10 quarterbacks you can drastically change your fortunes for the upcoming season. Top-10 Fantasy Football Quarterbacks A position that is quite glamorous in real life is the NFL quarterback, but there clearly isn’t the same cachet …

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Top 5 Quarterbacks for Your Fantasy Team in 2017

Packers vs 49ers Odds and Predictions (11/24)

Training camps have started and it’s time to pay attention to our 2017 Fantasy picks. We’ve been writing about the top fantasy players at every position but here we’ll keep the spotlight on the top dog spot.

A quarterback position in the NFL is one of the toughest positions in all of sports. Leader of the offense and the entire team is the guy that is probably most glorified and scrutinized member of the squad. For Fantasy GM’s, picking the right guy might make the difference for the entire season, and although QB’s Fantasy points are adjusted on the way that he might not be the most impactful player on your fantasy roster, he definitely plays the role that must not be overlooked.

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NFL: Potential Free Agent Busts

Every team scouts the free agent market.  Most teams have holes, lack depth, or just want to inject a new face in their lineup.  Some free agents come with little risk.  They have been consistently productive and healthy and there are no signs that anything will change in a new city.  Other free agent signings are a gamble.  A lot of players tend to really raise their game when they are in a contract year which is understandable.  Money is the ultimate motivator.  Time and time again, football fans see players have a one-off great season, ink a huge deal, and then proceed to underachieve.  Here are a few guys that might not perform to expectation after signing with new teams as free agents.

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NFL Rookies That Will Have an Immediate Impact

The NFL draft is a critical occasion for teams.  They spend a lot of time, money, and effort in order to find those prospects that will improve their teams.  It is more about identifying the team needs and picking the best rookie to fill those holes than simply taking the best available player.  This is especially true in the first couple of rounds.  Most of us know that the scouts aren’t always right and that there have been plenty of high draft picks that have been total busts.  For every Peyton Manning, Bruce Smith, and Marshall Faulk there are a few Ryan Leafs, Steve Emtmans, and Curtis Enises.  On the flip side, some teams end up getting lucky in the late rounds.  Tom Brady anyone?

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NFL Fantasy Football: The 2017’s Top Players at Every Position

Packers vs 49ers Odds and Predictions (11/24)

The NFL is loaded with talented players at every position.  This can make it a little confusing when it comes to choosing the best player for your fantasy team.  Last year’s studs can easily be this year’s duds just as last year’s bums can be this year’s plumbs.  Those lucky enough to have a strong draft position need to make sure they get the best value.  There’s nothing worse than having one or two of your top draft picks get injured.  It also hurts when your big picks simply underperform.  How many fantasy GMs gambled on Rob Gronkowski last year?  Russell Wilson?  Todd Gurley?  It wasn’t pretty.  On the other side of the coin, those that took chances on DeMarco Murray, Mike Evans, or Kyle Rudolph were pleasantly surprised.  Let’s take a look at the best fantasy players at every position.

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NFL Players to avoid in the 2017 Fantasy Football Draft

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Most of us fantasy football players have made a pick or two that we regret.  It is especially frustrating when one of our top draft picks busts out or gets injured.  There’s not much that fantasy GMs can do to avoid injuries but we might be able to do something about drafting busts.  Just because a player excelled last season doesn’t mean that they will repeat that performance this year.  Of course, the same can be said about players that did poorly last year.

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2017 Fantasy Football Tips: NFL Football Players You Don’t Want to Overlook!

Fantasy Football Tips

Many of us are getting ready to put our fantasy teams together while some are tinkering with their keeper teams to make them better.  There are a lot of players that simply must be chosen if you can but, a lot of the times, those players that we covet are unavailable by the time we get to pick.  With the clock running, you need to have an alternative plan in place.  You might miss out on the elite player but that doesn’t mean that you are doomed to have a dud.  Here is a list of players that you might want to consider should you find yourself scrambling for a productive pick.

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The quarterback is one of the more critical positions in football and it is no different in fantasy football.  For the past several years, fantasy players have swooned over the likes of Tom Brady, Drew Brees, Aaron Rodgers while Matt Ryan, Philip Rivers, and Ben Roethlisberger have garnered a lot of love.  What do you do when you are trying to draft a quarterback and those guys are off the board?  Well, guys like Kirk Cousins, Matt Stafford, and Andrew Luck have been pretty good producers.

There are a few other budding quarterbacks that are going to be popular fantasy picks this year.  Dak Prescott, Derek Carr, and Jameis Winston are three young guns that can be expected to be even better than last year.  Let’s look at a few other good quarterbacks that you might not otherwise consider.

Eli Manning

The veteran Giants quarterback’s stock has dropped a bit in the past couple of years and is seen as a second-rate player compared to some of his counterparts.  He doesn’t really get the respect he deserves despite not missing a game in 12 straight seasons, winning a couple Super Bowls, and consistently putting up over 4,000 yards and a bunch of touchdowns.

With Odell Beckham and the newly acquired Brandon Marshall to throw to, Eli has some pretty good options.  Add Sterling Shepard and quite possibly Evan Engram to the mix and there’s a very good possibility that Eli eclipses 4,000 yards once again.  He might even crack the 30 TD mark.

Marcus Mariota

This guy is looking to keep improving and he has the weapons to do so.  Rishard Matthews, Corey Davis, Eric Decker, and tight end Delanie Walker are reliable targets.  He’s coming off a season in which he threw for nearly 3,500 yards and 26 touchdowns while tossing 9 picks.  He plays behind a respectable line and has the ability to scramble for modest gains.  Fantasy managers might not get 4,000 yards out of him but they might get 30 touchdowns.

Cam Newton

Cam Newton had a very rough 2016 season in which he passed for 3,509 yards and tossed 19 TDs against 14 interceptions.  That’s a significant drop from the 3,817 yards, 35 touchdown, and 10 interceptions in 2015.  This year he is healthy, has a decent set of receivers, and a favorable schedule.  4,000 passing yards and 30 touchdowns is not out of reach.  Don’t forget about those 500 rushing yards and a handful of rushing TDs.

If All Else Fails – Blake Bortles

If things get desperate then you might want to consider this guy who had a pretty rough 2016 and is out to prove something as his contract nears its end.  Consider that he threw 35 TD passes against 18 interceptions while racking up 4,428 yards in 2015.  Also, consider that the Jags are mildly better this year and a bounce back season isn’t out of the question for Bortles.  It’s not outside the realm of possibility that the 4th-year quarterback gets you over 4,000 yards and 30 TDs.  You just better pray that he doesn’t get picked off as much.

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