Top 10 Fantasy Football Defenses for the 2018-19 Season

There is a certain art to building a quality fantasy football team. That usually means that the defense that you choose will be one that is low on your list of importance.

That’s the standard that most fantasy football owners follow, as they look to the later rounds to find a quality defense to lead their team each week. However, finding the right defense can help you to be a big winner, as you can get a group that can make a significant difference in the success of your team during the season. This is why it pays for you to take a closer look at this group of 10 defenses as a choice for yourself.

Top 10 Fantasy Football Defenses for the 2018-19 Season

Jacksonville Jaguars – Jacksonville had the leading defense in terms of fantasy points last season, and there is no reason to expect those numbers to be worse. They recorded 55 sacks, 21 interceptions, and recovered 12 fumbles as well as scored eight touchdowns. Because of the mediocre quarterback play in the AFC South, especially if Andrew Luck is out, expect these numbers to be comparable.

Houston Texans  – Houston was a team that greatly underachieved last season, that was due in large part to the loss of their All-Pro defensive lineman J. J. Watt. He is arguably the best defensive player in the NFL, and his return should make this defense a lot more formidable. Don’t be surprised to see them record 45 sacks and 22 total turnovers.

Philadelphia Eagles – There was a lot of discussions last season about how good the Eagles offense was, but their defense was rock solid. They had 38 sacks, 19 their deceptions, and 11 fumble recoveries, plus they blocked six kicks. They lost some key role players but add Michael Bennett, which should be a big upgrade.

Denver Broncos – The Denver Broncos had a down year in 2017, primarily because their offense could do nothing. This defense just wore down. In 2018, this should be a much better group, especially because of the talent they added in the draft. They recorded 33 sacks in 2017, and you should expect that to approach 40 this year.

Los Angeles Rams – The Rams, like Philadelphia, found that their offense was the focus of much of the publicity, but this team plays exceptional defense. The Rams recorded 48 sacks in 2017, second-most in the NFL and with the addition of Ndamukong Suh this group could be even better.

Los Angeles Chargers – The Chargers had 43 sacks, 18 interceptions, and nine fumble recoveries in 2017, and have one of the more solid groups in the NFL, especially in the secondary. It’s disappointing that they did not add a big play linebacker in free agency, but they get after the quarterback and they make mistakes occur. Should be good for at least nine points per game for you.

Tennessee Titans – Tennessee had 43 sacks, 12 interceptions, and nine fumble recoveries in 2017. The sad part was that their pressure in the quarterback did not lead to big plays on the backend, but they should still be worth eight or nine points to you on a regular basis, especially considering that the AFC South is not a big play quarterback division.

Carolina Panthers – Carolina was third in the NFL in 2017 in sacks with 50, plus they had 10 interceptions and 11 fumble recoveries. Those are outstanding numbers and deserve consideration as your defense, but take a close look at how their linebacking corps and secondary gel during the preseason. A lot of defections on this team.

Washington Redskins – Washington gets a great deal of pressure up front, recording 42 sacks last season, but where they stand out is in how they take advantage of opposing team’s mistakes. Washington had 16 interceptions and seven fumble recoveries last season and has one of the top tier secondaries in the sport.

Minnesota Vikings – Minnesota probably deserves more respect than this, as they had 37 sacks, 14 interceptions, and five fumble recoveries last season. Plus, they allowed just 250 points against. The issue is that they had the fewest number of games lost to injury on their defense last season. That kind of luck is not likely to hold up again this season.

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