The Oyster Bar at Santa Fe Station Review

Anyone who has ever visited the Oyster Bar at Palace Station knows how good this small establishment is.

I’ve waited as long as 90 minutes just to enjoy the great seafood dishes there. Until now there hasn’t been another option as good as the original. This week I visited the new Oyster Bar located at Santa Fe Station.

Like the original it has seating at the bar where you can look into an open kitchen as your food is prepared. The bar has seating for 17 guests and there are tables to serve another 8 guests. The Oyster Bar at Santa Fe Station has many of the classic favorites of the original and has added some new dishes exclusive to this location.

One of the new dishes I had was the Seafood Jackpot. This dish was as good as hitting a jackpot on one of the casino slot machines. The presentation was amazing as they brought you a platter of shrimp cocktail, raw oysters, New Zealand mussels and lobster tail served on a bed of ice with several dipping sauces.

This was an awesome start to our meal. Next was their signature Fish n Chips. They take Loup De Mer Fish with the tail still on and bread it in their beer batter mixture that has a seasoning that already gives the fish its salt and vinegar taste so you don’t have to add malt vinegar. This fish is ready to go.

Their French fries or “chips” as they refer to them are battered as well. Normally I am not a fan of battered French fries but these were the best I have had. I liked them so much I had to ask my waitress about the seasoning. Trust me, you will love them.

You can’t make a trip to the Oyster Bar without having a Pan Roast, the signature dish that made the original a locals favorite and caused those long lines of people waiting to get some. Nobody, in my opinion, has been able to duplicate the original pan roast until now.

Santa Fe nailed it. The portions are huge and I had to take a to-go box as I wasn’t leaving any of this behind. The garlic toast is even better dipping it in your pan roast sauce.

After hearing about their house dessert monkey bread pudding we decided to make room. This is a New Orleans favorite as they take house made monkey bread, creamy egg custard and then pour bourbon sauce over it. This was a great way to end a meal.

They have a nice beer selection, but I tried two of their signature cocktails. Pimm’s No. 1 Cup was a refreshing drink that consisted of sparkling lemonade and seasonal fruit. The other cocktail I tried was the “I can’t believe it’s Gin” and you won’t. Both drinks were quite refreshing. Santa Fe Station is a bit of a drive but well worth it. For those of you in the area, well, you are just plain lucky.

The wait staff was very friendly and attentive. The portions were huge and the food was excellent. I give The Oyster Bar at Santa Fe Station a Rating of 3.75 Forks.

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