Las Vegas Restaurant Review: Silverton’s WuHu Noodle

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If you haven’t been to the Silverton lately I’m going to give you a good reason to go.

The Silverton (I-15 and Blue Diamond) has always been a great locals casino as it’s the first casino you hit if you are heading south from the Strip. Living in the Southwest part of Las Vegas it’s very convenient and now if I want to enjoy some great Asian food I don’t have to travel over to Spring Mountain to do so.

WuHu Noodle recently opened inside the resort. The menu has something for everyone with Chinese, Japanese, Vietnamese and Thai dishes.

We started with some pot stickers, which are made in house fresh with pork and sausage. They were quite delicious as they were very moist and flavorful. I hate when places cook the dumpling too much and it becomes hard and dry. These were done just right.

Next we had Siu Mai based on the recommendation of our server. Honestly, this was the first time I had Siu Mai but it won’t be the last. These Dim Sum steamed dumplings stuffed with shrimp, pork and black mushrooms were fantastic.

My favorite appetizer though was the Crab Rangoon, as I loved the mixture of the curried cream cheese along with crab and green onion. This was a great light appetizer to get you started on your meal.

For the entrees we tried a few dishes, one being the Singapore Style Noodles. Now I will say this can bring the heat with its shrimp, shredded pork, egg, bell peppers, bean sprouts and onions. This dish gets its kick from curry that’s in it. Just tell them what level of spice you want.

The other entrée I tried was the General TSO’s chicken. This may be the most known Chinese dish on the menu and can easily be overlooked but it was the best chicken I have ever had.

The reason is simple. Their General TSO sauce is excellent but that’s not what puts this dish over the top. The way my dish was cooked did it for me. I want my chicken crispy and the sauce to enhance the flavor of that chicken, not dominate it. The chicken had a very nice crunch and the sauce was one of the best I have had.

They have several duck dishes on the menu and although I was going to try some I will have to save that for another visit as they were completely sold out. Once the duck dishes are gone – that’s it. Given the fact there was no duck tells me it must be good if they are selling out. Wu Hu offers several rice dishes as well.

The place was jammed packed the night I was there as word is getting around quickly about how good it is. But the wait wasn’t long as the kitchen was running like a well oiled machine, not like a place that’s only been open a few weeks.

All the food items are reasonably priced with good portion sizes. I give WuHu Noodle 3.75 Forks.

Silverton WUHU Noodle 隆重開業」—由賭城天天報(拉斯維加斯新聞業翹楚)採訪報導—賭城新聞最快捷,發行量最大,廣告最有效,價格最便宜。

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