NFL Games of the Year update: Mexico opting out of MNF?

NFL Games of the Year update 

The 2018 Mexico City event that was scheduled to feature the 9-1 Kansas City Chiefs and 9-1 Los Angeles Rams a year ago was canceled due to unplayable field conditions at Azteca Stadium. It wasn’t just one of the most anticipated games for U.S. football fans but the game and the teams involved would have been a coup for Mexico City. NFL Games of the Year update: Mexico opting out of MNF?.

Mexico reportedly opts out of Mexico City Monday Night Football 

An unsubstantiated report today came through my office phone and to my desk.  The report, supposedly coming from the NFL, league offices, as anticipating that the 2019 NFL Mexico City event was now in jeopardy of being canceled, as well. In the neighborhood of 11 months, ago and less than a week after the league moved the high-profile Chiefs-Rams matchup from Azteca Stadium to Los Angeles the President-elect of Mexico confirmed the 2019 game.

KC Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes is practicing with the team but his return to active status has yet to be determined.

Commissioner Roger Goodell and Mexico’s President-elect Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador met before making the announcement.  The agreement was that the contract between the Mexican government and the NFL was still alive and well. And the game was to be scheduled.  Furthermore, true to his word Goodell’s schedule makers chose the Los Angeles Chargers and the Kansas City Chiefs for the Mexico City event. On April 17th the NFL officially announced that the  Chiefs and Chargers would meet for a Monday Night Football affair on November 18 at Azteca Stadium.

And now it appears Mexico is opting out of the mid-November contest. And for similar reasons. The NFL declared that the field conditions were unacceptable. That Azteca Stadium turf didn’t meet NFL standards.  And in turn, Mexico’s President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador announced that the team’s schedule to meet in Mexico City is unacceptable.

From Unacceptable Playing Conditions to unacceptable Player conditions

The report I received said that the NFL Kansas City Chiefs and Los Angeles Chargers didn’t meet with Mexico’s NFL performance/Player standards. There is a chance that Andy Reid and his staff won’t have injured quarterback Patrick Mahomes (knee injury).  Also it is mathematically possible that the Chargers could have a record of 2-8 when arriving for the Mexico City MNF contest.

The thought of no Mahomes for the Mexico City Monday Night Football game could mean that the postseason bound Kansas City Chiefs would be facing an unmotivated Phil Rivers.

NFL Crank Yank

And for obvious reasons Mexico is making the claim that the two teams won’t garner a large enough percentage of the market to justify the expense to the city..

Unacceptable “player” conditions according to the President of Mexico.

And yes, if you didn’t figure it out yet, I am just taking a piss.

Game on, Chiefs vs. Chargers  Week 11 for Monday Night Mexico City Football.  The updated GOY pointspread for the Mexico City event is off the board due to the Mahomes injury.

The World’s Largest Race and Sportbook, Westgate of Las Vegas updated NFL Games of the Year.



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NFL Games of the Year update: Mexico opting out of MNF?