Free NHL Pick: St. Louis Blues at Boston Bruins

Dec 22, 2015 - 1 comments
2017 NHL Futures Update: Teams, Game Times and How to Watch

There are a bunch of teams playing on this 10 game Tuesday card that are coming in with no rest due to the coming schedule blackout for the Christmas holiday. Six teams are playing the second game of a back to back. It has long been an “angle” to fade the team playing in these spots whether it’s NHL, NBA etc. Tonight we have a perfect storm brewing that is allowing us to be picking up tremendous line value with a GOOD team in a BAD spot for our free NHL pick. The St. Louis Blues are playing in Philadelphia Monday and then making the short commute to Boston to face the Bruins. The Bruins are coming off of a 2-1 victory by shootout versus New Jersey on Sunday. Boston has played some very good hockey early in games all season long going 15-6-11 in the 1P. What’s even better to support the play is the fact that on October 23rd they suffered their third 1P loss of the season. That was just after two weeks of play into this year’s season. Since that day they have gone 13-3-8! This is nearly a 60 day sample size too. Blues won the 1P tonight vs Philadelphia but the Flyers have been just terrible in first periods all season.

Boston should be the quicker faster team in the first twenty minutes and we are getting tremendous value at +184 for something that has happened almost at a coin flip rate of 46.8%!

Free NHL Pick: Boston -1/2 goal 1P +184 (Pinnacle) *click here for latest NHL odds from Vegas & Offshore

NoJokeNHL Personal NHL Service

Jump on board as this month of December has been a very good one for subscribers. On my last 25 plays released I have gone 12-13 for a bankroll percentage increase of 27.6%! That’s 9 units of profit in the last 25 games released. No -200 favorites here. These are all in the +180 to +260 just like tonight’s play. Don’t miss out as we aren’t even at the half way point of the season yet! At $99 dollars for the month a $10 dollar bettor has covered the cost of getting on board.

NHL Tuesday Mismatch

There is a mismatch that presents tremendous line value tonight due to the high quality of both of the teams in the contest. Pick up this play tonight on this last night of hockey before the Holiday break

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His Motto is: “Let’s drop the puck, but more importantly, let’s make some money!”
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