Golf Betting Strategy and Tips: Betting Head To Head Match Ups

“Golf Betting Strategy and Tips” is the topic on this episode of WagerTalk TV as Kelly Stewart sits down with Vegas golf handicapping expert Brady Kannon to go over some of his free golf betting tips when betting head to head matchups in golf.

Betting Head To Head Match Ups in Golf: Head to Head Match Ups are with what most professional or experienced golf bettors spend their time handicapping golf tournaments. The sportsbooks will create mythical one on one match ups that only exist between the bettor and the book and not necessarily on the golf course in the tournament. Within the match up, a favorite and an underdog are determined by the oddsmaker with a price attached to each side. We will use the same players from above to create some sample head to head match ups..

Dustin Johnson (-125) vs. Jordan Spieth (+105)
Justin Rose (-130) vs. Rickie Fowler (+110)
Phil Mickelson (-145) vs. Bubba Watson (+125)
Lee Westwood (-135) vs. Ernie Els (+115)

The winner of the matchup is determined by who scores the lowest over the course of the whole golf tournament, typically a four-day affair. If one player makes the cut and one player misses the cut, the player who made the cut is the winner before the tournament is even complete. If both players miss the cut, the player with the lowest score of the two is the winner. If both players finish with the same score, it is a push.

There are head to head match ups for the full tournament and there are also head to head match ups for each individual round of the tournament. The reason most experienced golf bettors opt for playing match ups over futures is that it gives you a direct handicap opportunity. Player A vs. Player B. Like in the NFL, The Vikings vs. The Eagles. Break it down and see who you think will win. Very different from looking at the entire board of NFL teams and picking which one will win The Superbowl.. or of golfers, and trying to pick one winner of the tournament. Certainly, the payoff is not as lucrative but your odds of winning a match up bet are much greater than picking one golfer from the field to win the tournament outright.


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