Finn Factor MLB Power Ratings: April 2021

MLB Power Ratings

With Opening Day having arrived we cast of lunatics invariably are reenergized by the neoteric game of baseball. We who fill this container are not an assemblage by chance but by design. The youthful feeling and excitement of the epoch are fleeting but a welcome narcotic for any contemporary encumbrance. Hence the axiom “whole new ballgame.” Welcome to WagerTalk on this fine spring morning. You found your way here because you too believe. Whether you have an unambiguous understanding or a half-pint of diffidence recognize now that you have reached the acme of sports gaming perceptiveness.

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Furthermore, before you surrender yourself to this website’s irrefutable syndicate know when you depart this Camelot of Sports knowledge you will exit impregnated and savvy. Fight the ascertained knowledge that rebirth is at the fore if you will but your struggle will leave you devoid of the WagerTalk intention. That intent, the aspiration we have for you is nothing short of mental and emotional brilliance. WagerTalk and its staff are exceedingly generous. You will find your expanded wealth of sports knowledge and the affection you feel the quickness of mind you acquire with each and every visit irresistible. Even uncontrollably additive.

Dressed in a stylish and presentable manner today, Opening Day for 2021 Major League Baseball, your favorite player, favorite team and possibly the combination of the pair is subtly preparing to make you a butt load of money. At worst this day, Opening Day, is not a typical April 1st. No, today couldn’t be further away from what you know April Fools Day to be. It is Opening Day. A moment in time when we welcome the rebirth of friends, family, and even foe. Those of you who are subtly moving your noggin with a directive of signaling to all the message of “no” stop. Do you dare believe you are here to simply dawdle, while away the time, or arrived at this space in this time unwittingly? No sir. No ma’am. You are here to experience a sense of juvenility. Today will be an epoch you will not soon forget.

The annual episode and event of Opening Day are the annual life-changing narcotic that allows us to disremember any present strife that troubles us. For some, it compounds their joy, the bewitched sentiment they have for life. For me, it’s another opportunity to enjoy the sport most close to my heart. Another moment to experience and understand that every day I wake is a good day. I have yet another chance to piss my wife off, f%$* something up and make a winning wager. I do all three with surgical precision. If you don’t believe it, just ask me. Welcome to WagerTalk on Opening Day. It may well be the time of the season when some are content to be April fooled by breaking balls but I prefer to barrel the ball and go yard.

1. Los Angeles Dodgers
I did my best not to position The Blue Crew, Dem Bums – the team my wife and I name our oldest daughter after at the top of the Major League Baseball Opening Day Power Poll but alas. There is not one singular negative that would prohibit such. Not unless you believe having too much pitching and hitting would qualify as such.

2021 Debut: I believe that despite the depth and wealth of pitching that this Los Angeles franchise has that right-hander Josiah Gray will make his debut at some point this season. And just so you know, he is really really really… GOOD.

2. Atlanta Braves
Atlanta’s offense ranks at the top of my preseason National League chart. The rotation falls into the No. 5 slots. The combination of the two makes the Braves the top contender to the Dodgers on the Senior Circuit.

Me’Lika: The trio of Max Fried, Ian Anderson, and soon to take the mound Mike Soroka can’t yet be compared to Greg Maddux, Tom Glavine, and John Smoltz… yet I wrote it.

3. New York Yankees
I wrote a letter to Governor Cuomo during the holidays and told him that all I wanted for Christmas was that he rid the city of any Boston Red Sox fans, faithful or those born in Massachusetts. … those that work in the water department that is. After all is there any reason other than “The Water” that can explain the number of injuries this Yankees troupe has experienced under Aaron Boone?

Even in AAA: One reason that the Bombers didn’t spend big in the Free Agency period this winter, on pitchers, is the organization’s prospects, a pair of the companies top arms Deivi García and Clarke Schmidt are both expected to spend a significant amount of time in the Bronz this 2021 season. But even the Top Guns on the farm are injured. Fantasy owners in deep or dynasty leagues would be well advised to add Clarke Schmidt to their roster. His star will brighten once he overcomes his current elbow ailment.

4. San Diego Padres
Not only do the Padres have to go through the Dodgers to get to the top of my Power Poll, they have to do similar in reality. Currently sitting below Dem Bums in this WagerTalk ranking and their expected NL West divisional finish as season’s end they have to do so with a large number of injured to start 2021.
M.A.S.H.: Dinelson Lamet (elbow), Trent Grisham, Austin Nola and more.

5. Chicago White Sox
The late winter months spent at Camelback Ranch in a time period we misclassify as Spring Training wouldn’t be the same with the Chicago White Sox experiencing a tragic mishap that results in a key player injury that jeopardizes their season’s potential. While not tragic and checking in on Opening Day with a bloody cut from a close shave the Pale Sox lost a key piece none-the-less. Eloy Jiménez for most, if not all, of the season, is painful.

Eloy Allegory: Slugger and Fantasy Stud Jiménez underwent surgery to repair a ruptured left pectoral tendon, an injury that most likely sidelines him for most of the season. And make no mistake it in fact alters the power of not just the AL Central but the entire league. Why? The signing of free-agent infielder Jake Lamb to a major league deal isn’t level with what the offense lost.

The Finn Factor MLB Power Poll highlights the Top Five teams each and every week of the Major League Baseball Season. Yes, only the Top Five get face time from the uber-busy and ridiculously in-demand Finn.

6. Astros
7. Mets
8. Rays
9. Cubs
10.Blue Jays
11. Twins
12. A’s
13. Cardinals
14. Brewers
15. Nationals
16. Indians
17. Angels
18. Phillies
19. Reds
20. Red Sox
21. Marlins
22. Giants
23. Mariners
24. D-backs
25. Tigers
26. Royals
27. Rockies
28. Rangers
29. Orioles
30. Pirates

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