First Pitch for Tuesday, May 7: MLB Sides and Totals

Get MLB predictions and baseball picks for Tuesday, May 7. On this episode of First Pitch with Marco D’Angelo and Drew Martin take a look at 2019 MLB Sides and Totals, and share some personal handicapping tips and strategy when betting on baseball.

MLB Schedule (6pm EST start) for Tuesday, May 7, 2019 (updated MLB Odds)

White Sox vs Indians
Mariners vs Yankees
Red Sox vs Orioles
Rangers vs Pirates
Twins vs Blue Jays
Angels vs Tigers
Diamondbacks vs Rays
Nationals vs Brewers
Phillies vs Cardinals
Marlins vs Cubs
Royals vs Astros
Giants vs Rockies
Reds vs A’s
Braves vs Dodgers
Mets vs Padres

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