2019 MLB MVP Award Odds: Bellinger raking

2019 MLB MVP Award Odds

If Most Valuable Player awards were issued on the final day of the first month of Major League Baseball, April 30, then the Los Angeles Dodgers Cody Bellinger would win. I won’t go as far as to say unanimously or in a landslide. But simply state his first month numbers would be deserving of the NL MVP.  Of course MLB pundits would argue with me. The April offensive numbers of Christian Yelich would require some to overlook the rest of the National League field. And by default simply issue the award to Milwaukee Brewer outfielder.

To those playing devil’s advocate of my selection of Bellinger – the first fact finders would argue that Yelich’s current home run total as of the final day of April  is because of the 2019 early season start date — in late March. I would simply suggest that even if this MLB campaign had started in January that being the individual to surpass names like Alex Rodriguez and Albert Pujols on the list of most April home runs would be enough to receive the majority of the first place MVP votes.

Yelich has recorded one of the most impressive months, yet alone April’s, in the history of Major League Baseball. His April has been record setting.

In the American League it would be difficult to pass on issuing the Los Angeles Angels Mike Trout yet another MVP. Trout has recorded the highest April on-base-percentages of his career. Furthermore Trout has done such without receiving an ounce of protection from the current Angels lineup.

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2019 MLB MVP Award Odds: Bellinger raking

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