2019 Regular Season Home Run Props

The decline in Major League Baseball home runs in 2018 was explained in a variety of different reasons by a number of pundits. Some noted that the colder weather in April and May was the reason. Furthermore most of the MLB players, coaches and analysts were skeptical of claims that the ball had changed,. Major League personnel were buying into the ‘juiced’ or rather ‘unjuiced,” theory per se.

Expecting the return of how baseball played out in 2017 isn’t reasonable. At the completion of the 2017 campaign more than a third of plate appearances (33.5 percent) resulted in either a walk, a strikeout or a homer. That was the highest rate of “three true outcomes” and the lowest rate of balls in play in MLB history.

2018 Home Run decline 

When examining the average major market venues across the first two months of the 2017 season there wasn’t a significant temperature difference from the previous decade. However strikeout and walk rates increased over March and April. This came with strikeouts accounting for 21.6 percent of all plate appearances.

The first two months of 2018, a season that saw a decrease in the neighborhood of 500 home runs in total strike outs were taking place at a rate of 23.0 percent. Furthermore walks increased from 8.7 percent to 9.2. The home run rate, which had shown and increase each season since 2015, was down, from 3.1 percent of all plate appearances in March/April 2017 to 2.8 percent in 2018.

Three-tenths of a percentage point drop in the first two months of the 2018 campaign may have appeared insignificant at first glance but over a full season it would mean 600 fewer homers. This in relation to the all-time high of 6,105 that was set in 2017. That percentage decline in the first two months of last year wasn’t because of weather.

Why you ask?

Because the two month trend held serve for the entire 2018 campaign. The total number of home runs hit a season ago, 5585, was 520 less than in 2017.

2019 Home Run Props

The Vegas and Offshore sportsbooks directors have made adjustments in th 2019 MLB Regular Season Home Runs. The World’s Largest Race and Sportsbook, Westgate of Las Vegas, has positioned New York Yankees Giancarlo Stanton to hit the most runs of any player in either league an over/under total of 40.5.

Most analysts believed that Stanton’s move from pitcher friendly Marlins Park in Miami to hitter-friendly Yankee Stadium in the Bronx would bolster his long ball total. Stanton hit a total of 38 a season ago. And in his career Stanton has exceeded 40 home runs just one when he clubbed 59 dingers in 2017.


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2019 Regular Season Home Run Props




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