2019 Regular Season Team Win Totals: Tribe OVER 90.5

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2019 Regular Season Team Win Totals

The Boston Red Sox began Spring Training as reigning World Series champions. But the team is considered to be a middling club in the Westgate 2019 MLB Regular Season Wins by Team future. Both the New York Yankees and the Houston Astros check in with a win total of 96.5 games.

Major League Baseball faithful won’t be surprised that the three-time American League Central champion Cleveland Indians are once again overwhelming favorites to win a fourth straight division crown.

Cleveland has won the Central by a comfortable margin of 12.7 games on average the last three summers. And the large margin of games the franchise has earned the title by isn’t completely due the franchise’s talent alone.  It has much to do with the lack thereof among the rest of the teams in the division.

Cleveland Indians OVER 90.5 wins

I stated in an earlier Major League Baseball Future piece titled “Most MLB Team Losses Odds in 2019” that the AL Central was lopsided. I suggested that last year’s 91-win season by the Indians could turn to 100 wins in 2019. And this being more than reasonable simply by default. The team lost some key cogs to free agency but still possess a dominant rotation. In addition the squad is solid at the corners with an All-Star studded infield duo of Francisco Lindor and Jose Ramirez.  Most notable for the purpose of posturing the Tribe to go north of the 90.5 win total at the SuperBook is that 76 of Cleveland’s 162 game schedule come against the Detroit Tigers, Kansas City Royals, Chicago White Sox and Minnesota Twins.

There is a caveat that must be considered before forecasting the Indians team wins this season. This being that the rest of the AL Central has done little to rush into the free agent market or promote top prospects to the parent club. There is always the possibility that the Indians might well be in a position to tank per se in the month of September.  As a result of the possible gap between them and the rest of the division in the final month. Together with the potential of being a number of games back from the best record in the AL overall.

With the risk of losing September fuel that prohibits the “in it to win it” attitude in the final month making a lunch money push on the Indians to finish north of the Westgate 90.5 wins is a value-packed investment.


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2019 Regular Season Team Win Totals: Tribe OVER 90.5

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