WestGate 2019 MLB All-Star MVP Odds

WestGate 2019 MLB All-Star MVP Odds

Baseball fans, hard working men and women 16-million strong, are union members at their job place. The iconic jingle “Baseball, hot dogs, apple pie and Chevrolet” was spot-on when painting a picture of community and the American culture in the 70’s. I didn’t then and won’t today, wear bellbottoms, but I do dig me some hot dogs, apple pie and to this day there is a place in my soul for my first car, a ’62 Chevy Bel Air. Baseball is to summer as the Yankees are to the Red Sox. One doesn’t exist without the other. WestGate 2019 MLB All-Star MVP Odds.

That large group of blue-collar card-carrying mothers and fathers, sons and daughters, embody the things we Americans hold dear. Hard work, loyalty and baseball. The virtual hugs we gift our sports heroes, the Apple Pie that puts sweet closure to a sunny BBQ with friends and family and of course our automobiles, are significant. And the anatomy of “significant” doesn’t illuminate the zealous tribute we Americans bequeath what other cultures consider mundane.

The Fan and Player Connection

The connection we, the Average Joe, have with our sports heroes is that they are us. Professional baseball’ers that are paid a ransom by their King, team owner, are subjects as we are. Chained to a position and expertly managed to accept what others believe our station in life to be. It may seem a stretch comparing Joe’s life to that of a millionaire athlete but it isn’t. In truth the 16-million union members have more control over what their work conditions than the All-Stars we will watch tonight in Cleveland.

The 16-million union members in this baseball loving United States have more power to improve their work place than millionaire MLB players. The mere thought that you, the reader, has more influence in and at the workplace than Mike Trout, Clayton Kershaw, Manny Machado, Bryce Harper, Giancarlo Stanton is grossly under examined. The Major League Baseball Collective Bargaining Agreement between the teams (owners) and the players union isn’t a level diamond. The CBA issues unilaterally endowment to the owners to change virtually any on-field rule it wants to without the permission or agreement of the union. I

In a galaxy far far away existing in a time and space long long ago the players went on strike to end the Kings pseudo baseball slavery. The players and union struck out in the fight for free agency. The right to have the opportunity to play and work for the highest bidder. Despite being semi-intolerant to the thought of an individual being paid millions of dollars to simply play a game it was impossible not to root for the players over the owners in the mid-90’s labor feud.

The Mid-Summer Classic is Fan Fun

Tonight’s All-Star game is for us, the fan. The league that wins no longer receives home-field advantage in the World Series. There is no significant payday to the winner. The players from the losing dugout are not placed in irons and carried away. And the winners won’t be celebrated with a parade. Hense due to the contest having little to no season ending impact it is unlikely that one with the talent of Ernest Lawrence Thayer will be penning a ballad depicting tonight’s affair.

What the 2019 All Star game will be is remembered. There are few All Star games in my lifetime that didn’t capture me in the moment for at least one situation or play. Furthermore what there won’t be in tonight’s mid-summer classic is a game-result creating sadness in Muddsville.

The 2019 All-Star extravaganza is an event rather than a game. It is a near weeklong party. A gathering of our collective baseball heroes with at least one player representing our beloved franchise with the hope he will tug at our heart for just a moment.

In summary have fun with your favorite All-Star propositions. WestGate of Las Vegas — 2019 MLB All-Star MVP Odds:





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WestGate 2019 MLB All-Star MVP Odds