William Hill 2019 Cy Young, MVP and HR Odds

William Hill 2019 Cy Young, MVP and HR Odds

The Los Angeles Dodgers have one of the more talented and deep pitching staffs in Major League Baseball. Former Cy Young winner Clayton Kershaw isn’t what he once was but is still a public favorite. Hence he will be a part of Vegas and Offshore MLB Futures for years to come. Most certainly in 2019. But due to his notoriety and history – weighing his return on investment and projected peripherals this year – results in him offering little to no value.

A young and healthy Walter Buehler is easily the best bet from the Dodgers rotation. Buehler expanded his arsenal a season ago. The right-hander coupled his devastating slider with a 95-plu m.p.h. four-seamer in combination with his drop-off-the-table sinker and exhibited who he can be moving forward. The right-handers raw cutter created a higher swing and miss percentage last season. And in a nutshell Buehler has gone from being considered one of the better young arms in the game to a potential Cy Young candidate.

The caveat to investing into Buehler in the Cy Young Future is that the team is being uber careful with him. His injury history last year has positioned the coaching staff to issue a pitch count (100).  And regardless of how well he is pitching he will not be allowed to toss much more than a century of pitches in any single outing.

If a healthy Buehler can duplicate his 2018 body of work he will without a doubt be in the Cy Young conversation. Buehler tossed 137.1 innings a season ago. Anything in the neighborhood of his 2018 peripherals makes him a major player.

Buehler’s 2018 underlying peripherals
  • BABIP-allowed (.249, which would have been the 3rd-lowest in baseball if he’d qualified)
  • HR/9 (.80)
  • LOB% (78.4 – a top-15 MLB percentage)

The above number, across 180-plus innings of work, and his star will shine… in a bright way.

  • Buehler checks in at 15-1 odds to win 2019 NL Cy Young.
  • Max Scherzer, Nationals, 5-2
  • Jacob deGrom, Mets, 7-2
  • Aaron Nola, Phillies 6-1


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William Hill 2019 Cy Young, MVP and HR Odds

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