William Hill MLB First to 30 Wins Prop

William Hill MLB First to 30 Wins Prop

The first Major League Baseball team to win 30 games is overlooked in the big picture, across a 162-game regular season schedule. By the end of April there won’t be a team with 30 wins. And not because a club can go 30-0 but because no team will have played 30 games.

And for the purpose of taking up word count in the 2019 Major League Baseball Futures offering (first team to 30 wins) note that across the last 20 seasons there have been 120 MLB division end of April standings. Finally the team in first place on May 1 has been the eventual division champion in only 62 of those April races.

For the purpose of this particular article and William Hill proposition it doesn’t matter who is in first place when the season closes but which team will be the first franchise to earn 30 victories.


Without covering both leagues or all 30 teams let me outline two of the most publicly followed teams. A pair that just happen to be capable of being the best out of the 2019 starting gate and the first to 30 wins.

The following strength of schedule (SOS) variables used for the purpose of this MLB Futures coverage note that that the SOS are provided by FanGraphs. Furthermore the FanGraphs outline specifically covers the team’s strength of schedule represented as an overall opponent winning percentage, based on the projected standings.

First to 30 Wins 

The Red Sox and Yankees figure to duke it out in 2019. The last gladiator standing with a big bat will be the AL East champion. Accordingly both clubs have a chance take an May Day lead and never look back albeit either franchise has a significant scheduling edge.

New York (.461) has been issued the second-easiest projected schedule, and Boston (.476) the fourth easiest.

These two clubs will meet each other only twice in the opening month. Above all the Yanks and the Sox square off against just one projected playoff team in March and April.

William Hill 2019 MLB Prop – First to 30 Wins



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William Hill MLB First to 30 Wins Prop

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