BetMGM MLB Playoff Betting Update: Indians Hurt Bettors

MLB Playoff Betting Update from Las Vegas

The American League playoff picture is shaping up nicely for one US sports book. At BetMGM, three of the four most-popular AL pennant bets have already been eliminated. The Cleveland Indians (23.2% of dollars wagered) and Minnesota Twins (12.4%) were swept in the first round, while the Los Angeles Angels (14.5%) didn’t make the playoffs. The Tampa Bay Rays are the only team remaining that has attracted more than 5% of bets in the American League futures pool.¬†Check WagerTalk’s odds page for the latest moneylines, totals and more.

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The Los Angeles Dodgers represent the largest handle in the World Series pool, with 26.5% of dollars wagered. But the Miami Marlins and San Diego Padres represent the biggest liability for the book. Miami attracted less than 1% of the World Series pool, but the Marlins’ long odds through out the season have bookmakers paying close attention.

BetMGM MLB Playoff Numbers BetMGM MLB Playoff Numbers BetMGM MLB Playoff Numbers

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A: WagerTalk offers an extensive library of betting tools and resources. Check out our collection of handicapping tips from professional Vegas handicappers. We also recommend checking out our sports betting tips video library.

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A: WagerTalk’s odds page offers the latest betting odds and public action updated in real-time. See what the point spreads are from a collection of both offshore and Las Vegas sportsbooks.

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