In the pay per view opener of UFC 235, Former Bantamweight Champion Cody “No Love” Garbrandt faces Pedro “The Young Punisher” Munhoz in an exciting bout.

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Event: (24317) P. Munhoz at (24318) C. Garbrandt
Date/Time: March 2, 2019
Play: C. Garbrandt -170

Cody burst on to the UFC scene displaying fantastic hand speed mixed with knock out power. His boxing background and wrestling accolades provided “No Love” with confidence anywhere the fight goes. Although Cody’s truly gravitated to his stand up game, out boxing his opponents. After 3 straight knock out wins (2 being in round one) he earned a title shot against one of the divisions all time greats, “The Dominator” Dominick Cruz. In Cody’s first ever UFC title fight, he completely owned Cruz from round one, dropping him multiple times in 5 rounds showboating throughout. Cruz was absolutely out classed, which is something no other fighter’s ever done. Garbrandt won a unanimous decision victory taking home the Bantamweight strap. Then in a heated bad blood filled feud, Cody lost his title to archrival TJ Dillashaw then subsequently losing the rematch by TKO. Many now question Cody’s chin and how rattled he was during both fights.

Pedro Munhoz is coming off back to back wins over a struggling Bryan Caraway and a questionable Brett Johns. Prior to that Pedro lost against John Dodson by split decision.

Now coming into this fight, …where is Cody mentality? That’s a hard question to answer, but my take is he’ll be refocused. Back to back emotional losses to TJ is a tough pill to swallow, but it also could be a birth of elevation and hunger. TJ and Cody trashed talked for years leading up to their fight and the hatred was real. Against Pedro, Cody can focus on the fight and not be distracted as Pedro maybe one of the quietest fighters on the entire UFC roster. Forget about trashing talking, there’s hardly talking in general.

Stylistically, Pedro will seek taking it to the ground, finding opportunities to latch onto a limb and finish the fight. Cody currently holds a 100% takedown defense percentage, never once bring brought to the ground by an opponent. Supporting that stat is another stat, Pedro only has a 22% takedown success rate, which isn’t all that great. If Cody can fend-off the takedowns and force a stand up fight, Pedro won’t keep up with the explosiveness of Garbrandt.

Pedro also lacks offensive volume, limiting his output and opportunity to cause damage. In this situation, Cody will be able to stand at a comfortable distance from Pedro, working his snapping lead jab setting up flash combinations pressing when needed. Also Cody has an incredible ability to counter, keeping his head off the center line bobbing and weaving. Pedro is durable, so a finish could be tough for Cody, but over 3 rounds Pedro can’t out work Cody. If Garbrandt remains calm and relaxed like his fight against Cruz, he’ll capitalize on the slower Munhoz all fight long. In an extremely important fight career wise for Garbrandt, he’ll open the pay per view with a nice showing on his was to victory.


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