After the Cavaliers dumped their third consecutive National Basketball Finals contest to the reigning champion Golden State Warriors by a 110-102 score the Association rumor mill was attacked. This by NBA pundits, fans and the global sportsbooks. NBA Finals Game 4 Line Report: LeBron plays for whom in 2018-19?

It appears inevitable as well as expected. The 2018 NBA Finals will likely find the Cavaliers failing for the third time in a season series finale to the Warriors. This over the span of the past four years.

With LeBron James’ contract expiring at the end of this season CBS Sports contributor Pete Blackburn commented on “the rumors of the superstar departing in free agency are hotter than ever. And given the team he’s had to work with this year, it’s pretty easy to understand why.”

Blackburn also mentions that a number of the global “oddsmakers aren’t waiting around to see how this series shakes out before delivering their favorites for James’ offseason landing spot this summer, either.

One example of James’ odds on whom for and where he will play next season are as follows, according to Blackburn.

1. LAKERS +200
2. 76ERS +350
3. HEAT +500
For the complete read of Blackburn’s piece visit THIS LINK

Pending a meltdown by the Warriors and an historic Cavaliers comeback King James appears to be headed out of northern Ohio and on to a big market team. The first three franchises listed in his “There are already odds for where LeBron James will sing in free agency, and the Lakers lead the Pack” are a trio of the largest current sports markets in the States. Only a storied comeback by James and company keep “The King” a Cavalier.

The World’s Largest Race and Sportsbook has updated NBA Finals Game 4 Line Report

NBA Finals Game 4 Line Report: LeBron plays for whom in 2018-19?

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