2017-18 NBA Regular Season Win Totals

The thought of changing playoff formats in any of the North American sporting leagues according to traditionalist is outrageous and even blasphemy but the primary reasons for holding onto “old ways” is typically in relation to “old money”. If you need evidence of such just look at the new College Football Playoff format and you will find that it still includes the long standing Holiday Bowl games.

Other sports, e.g. the National Football League and National Basketball Association are unlikely to change their postseason format because of regional rivalries but doesn’t it make sense to take the top 16 records in the NBA and seed them according to their regular season success rather than dividing the playoffs into Conferences?

While the Western Conference is loaded and there are a number of franchises that have the talent and depth to threaten the 2017-18 Golden State Warriors are there eight playoff-caliber teams in the East?

The LA Clippers 2017-18 Total Regular Season Wins (44.5) at South Point have held serve since the race and sportsbook opened their NBA Basketball Futures chart earlier this month and the franchise is my choice to exceed the shops total.

Most NBA pundits believe the Clippers will experience an overall decline after losing Chris Paul and Jamal Crawford this offseason. However, the additions of Patrick Beverley and Lou Williams are not necessarily downgrades to a club that has sported one of the deepest benches in the league the last two seasons. Beverly, Williams and the front men for the Clippers, Blake Griffin and Danilo Gallinari, need only stay healthy for this Los Angeles unit to approach 50 wins in 2018.


South Point Race and Sportsbook‘s updated 2017-18 Total Regular Season Wins:




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