ATS Play ON Trend of the Day: The Pacers are 12-0 ATS (+12.88 ppg) with more than one day of rest off a road game in which they scored fewer than ten fast break points.

ATS Play AGAINST Trend of the Day: The Pelicans are 0-12 ATS (-11.17 ppg) at home off a loss as a dog in which they allowed 50-pluspoints in the paint.

OU Play OVER Trend of the Day: The Kings are 18-0 OU (+12.64 ppg) with less than two days rest off a win as a favorite in which they scored at least fifteen more points in the second half than in the first half.

OU Play UNDER Trend of the Day: The Pistons are 0-12 OU (-9.04 ppg) as a dog with no rest after a game in which their opponent shot over 50% from the field.

Player-Based ATS Trend of the Day: The Nuggets are 0-12 ATS (-7.54 ppg) off a game as a favorite in which Paul Millsap scored fewer than ten points.

Player-Based OU Trend of the Day: The Bucks are 10-0 OU (+14.25 ppg) at home off a home win in which Giannis Antetokounmpo had a plus/minus at least five points worse than the team.

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We also investigate the technical circumstances of each team and game, searching for meaningful historical trends utilizing the SDQL. How teams have performed under certain conditions in the past, such as; after a loss in which their star was no the high scorer, after a game in which their star point guard committed five-plus turnovers or after two straight games in which 60%-plus of their baskets were assisted, can portend future outcomes. In addition to selectively using these established, simple single-team and single-factor angles, we have discovered and continue to develop our own unique and complex team and league-wide sports handicapping systems for employment in our arsenal. SDQL Guru’s SYSTEMS are the most POWERFUL technical handicapping tools in the industry.

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