Oklahoma City Thunder at Portland Trail Blazers

After showing they can indeed come up in the win column in Portland, the Thunder will look to do it
again in this one. The Thunder of Oklahoma City did emerge victorious in the game in Oklahoma City on
January 22nd of this year, showing their January 4th meeting in Portland was no fluke, a game in which
they squeaked out the victory by only two points. Paul George had a major part in the win with 36
points in that last game. George had 37 points in the contest in early January as well, proving to be a
difficult guy for the Trail Blazers to defend. The Thunder are -6.5 over Portland in this game.

Portland Getting Back into It

That had to be a monkey off their backs as they now will refocus and attack the same team that gave
them fits for so many years. The Trail Blazers have been looking for some kind of direction for a while
now. Damian Lillard just simply cannot do this by himself. Evan Turner seems to be a nice compliment,
but seriously, Damian Lillard needs a Paul George of his own. Despite ranking third among all guards in
the league in total points, Lillard still finds himself on a team without a clear number two. CJ McCollum
has been nice, but is that because he’s a great player or is that because someone has to be relied upon
to make shots in Lillard’s absence? Jusuf Nurkic has produced well enough to mention, but is he the
answer? What about CJ Mccollum? For years now, it has been Lillard and a ragtag team of helpers.


Thunder Full of Studs

I expect the Thunder to rally once again and the combination of Stephen Adams, Paul George, and
Russell Westbrook will be plenty to take care of the Trail Blazers. The Thunder will have to keep
turnovers to a minimum and they will have to capitalize on their opportunities in the paint to draw fouls
and secure free baskets, something they haven’t been particularly skillful at this season. For Portland,
they must squeeze all they can from their roster to find themselves in the win column against a more
athletic, explosive, and talented group.

Thunder Win Again

I think that Russell Westbrook’s athleticism will wear down the Trail Blazers and their defense which
should create outlets for assist opportunities for what I think is the most agile player in the NBA. Paul
George and Lillard are two players that will likely mix it up on contested rebounds, but I think George’s
size will once again give the nod to the Thunder. Stephen Adams will be battling it out with Jusuf Nurkic,
which may be an interesting battle to watch, each giving each other problems from time to time. In fact,
that may be the big matchup of the game to pay attention to. Either way it goes, I think it will be fun for
us all to watch Westbrook, Lillard, and George on the floor at the same time. Take the Thunder in this

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