2019-20 NBA Regular Season Win Totals

2019-20 NBA Regular Season Win Totals

The dog days of summer in late August and early September are consumed by football. The season-opening college football winds bring NFL rain. Before we sports fanatics realize the National Hockey League is skating in the Vegas desert despite temperatures in the nineties. And questions abound about who is the best and the worst in the National Basketball Association.  2019-20 NBA Regular Season Win Totals.

The 2019 NBA draft and free agency period are in the books. Who do the sportsbook managers believe will be the best of the best this 2019-20 Association campaign? And which franchises will be the worst?

The National Basketball Association is a small fraternity. Both in terms of the coaching staff and player personnel. There was a period in the history of the NBA that fan bases and the players of specific franchises didn’t like each other. That climate no longer exists. The days of old when the Knicks and Celtics didn’t just display their dislike they proudly exhibited their inner despise… gone. The physicality of the divisional feuds once evident with the play on the court has been replaced with social media kisses and wife swapping.

Odds of being an NBA Player

Make no mistake about the fact that NBA player personnel are in high demand. Especially those with talent, gameday savvy and postseason experience. The fraternity mentioned is a group of freaks. There are less than 450 active players at any one time in any one given season. The NBA contracts the best athletes in the world. Labeling the Association player personnel as freaks, circus freaks, isn’t over-the-top. In fact, it is dead-on accurate. The odds of winning an NBA Championship are much easier to overcome than the odds of an individual owning a contract to play for an NBA team.

What the players are capable of is truly astonishing. The NBA collective is a group of individuals that range from six to seven feet in height. The starters for the 30 clubs run a 5K on most nights. They do so while performing ridiculous feats of athleticism while acrobatically performing circus-like dunks and shooting a ball into a hoop not much bigger than the ball itself from 30 or more feet.

South Point Race and Sportsbook of Las Vegas

Updated odds for  2019-20 NBA Regular Season Win Totals 




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2019-20 NBA Regular Season Win Totals