South Point 2019 NFL Division Odds: Packers 2-1

South Point 2019 NFL Division Odds

After a short hiatus from the gridiron this spring it is time to begin examining which of the 2019 National Football League teams are most likely to be at atop of the offensive and defensive efficiency charts at season’s end. The days of believing an All-Pro quarterback alone can keep a team afloat in the NFL are no longer. That thinking comes from those who ignore the loss of critical player and updated team metrics. Traditional statistics are fine to float to the average fan. Or event the weekend warrior that pops open a cold can and enjoys a lazy Sunday afternoon on the couch. Those looking to invest wisely and earn a positive ROI on their sports wagers know better.  South Point 2019 NFL Division Odds: Packers 2-1.

An important part of accessing teams four months before the regular season kicks off absolutely includes advanced metrics. Just as important is having reliable information on how rookies, draft choices per se, fit into the team’s existing scheme. Furthermore having the foresight to outline a business plan for your sports investments that include a worst and best case scenario is good business.

How explosive can Patrick Mahomes be without Hill?

Will the Kansas City Chiefs have the services of now-suspended Tyreek Hill?  How much will the retirement of future Hall of Fame tight end Rob Gronkoski alter the Tom Brady offense in New England? Are the best performances of All Pro running back Todd Gurley behind him? And was his knee injury at the end of last season a game or career changer?

Which NFL Division will be dominated by any one team? In this case can old man Rivers continue to play at a high level behind a pedestrian offensive line?  And know that a laundry list of assets and liabilities for all 32 franchises requires a significant investment in terms of time, and in many cases, money.

The Browns atop the AFC North?

The sexy follow in the early stages of the 2019 offseason are the Cleveland Browns. The Dawg Pound faithful are over-the-top excited. The fan base point to the moves that general manager John Dorsey orchestrated before the draft. And there is seemingly unquestioned trust in the powers-that-are in the Browns front office. As well in head coach Freddie Kitchens and his staff.

The first question to ask… is the promise of acquiring the services of defensive end Olivier Vernon and wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr. enough to push second-year quarterback Baker Mayfield and the team to the top of the AFC North? Do the Brownies current talent and history justify their 6-5 odds to win the AFC North at South Point Race and Sportsbook?  As a result can essentially a rookie quarterback and a first-year head coach outplay and outthink the likes of Big Ben in Pittsburgh?  Or be better in the X’s and O’s container than John Harbaugh and his Baltimore minions?

Aaron Rodgers’ best game behind him?

When Aaron Rodgers’ Green Bay Packers fell to the Chicago Bears in Week 15 last season it guaranteed the team a second straight losing campaign. And for the first time since 1990-’91.

With the above mentions in typed and published:
  • Can one fully “In Kitchens and Mayfield We Trust”?  Can that individual push hard earned money over the sportsbook counter on a team that has won a total of just 11 games in the last four seasons? Cleveland was 3-13 in 2015, followed with a 1-15 mark in ’16. The Browns then made history with an 0-16 record in ’17.  And are coming off a 7-8-1 campaign. Yet today, yesterday, and moving forward are considered the best of the AFC North. And this with a second-year quarterback and a newbie coaching staff.
  • Will Rodgers and company under the guidance of a new head coach suddenly morph back to who they were three seasons ago? This with a 35-year old quarterback coming off statistically as season that was his career worst? After the Week 15 loss to the Bears this past December – and despite Rodgers starting all 14 games to that affair –  Green Bay ranked just 16th in total points (23.7).





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South Point 2019 NFL Division Odds: Packers 2-1

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