Westgate 2019 NFL Games of the Year updates

Westgate 2019 NFL Games of the Year

There are a number of certainties in life. More than can or should be outlined in this NFL Games of the Year piece. The most commonly used phrase when referencing change or nothing ever changes, “Death and Taxes” and “The sun will rise in the East in the morning” most everyone can relate to. The Sunday Soap Opera commonly labeled as and written about, is the National Football League. The company that owns Sunday’s isn’t just about football. Not even close. Westgate 2019 NFL Games of the Year updates.

Odds on 16-0 NFL season?

I am 100 percent certain that the New England Patriots and San Francisco 49ers are the only two remaining unbeaten through the first five weeks of the NFL regular season slate. I am ninety-nine percent certain there won’t be a team with a 16-0 record at the close of the league’s Week 17 Sunday.

Through five weeks, those two are the last remaining undefeated teams in football. San Francisco (4-0) secured its fourth win in as many tries by schooling the Cleveland Browns (2-3), 31-3, on “Monday Night Football” in Week 5.

I am 100 percent certain that as much as they, the NFL corporate offices and powers that are inside them, claim they don’t want their product to have sideshows or the drip-drip of drama outside of the lines. they are lying. And I am certain that Washington Redskins owner Daniel Snyder was in the right place at the right time the minute he went from university dropout to Billionaire. If he wasn’t he wouldn’t have the same two nickels to rub together today that he does.

College dropout to Billionaire

Snyder initially was recognized by Fortune 500 fortune for his build of a marketing company, Snyder Communications, that he started after dropping out of college. And after taking his company public in 1996, Snyder sold it four years later (in 2000) to French firm Havas for $2.1 billion in stock in 2000. A year before selling the company Snyder purchased the Washington Redskins for $750 million, borrowing $350 million to do so.

I am 100 percent certain that if Snyder wasn’t in the right place at the right time at this point in his life he wouldn’t have made a billion dollars on a now-failed Dot.com business nor would he be the owner of an NFL franchise. As a result, I am 100 percent certain that the $3 billion that the Redskins are estimated to be worth today had nothing to do with Mr. Snyder.

I am confident that the San Francisco 49ers are not as good as they appeared on Monday Night Football earlier this week. And I am, again, 100 percent certain that the Cleveland Browns are not as pathetic as they portrayed themselves to be in the embarrassing loss.

Are you ready for some football?

I am certain that after Hank Williams Jr opens this week’s Monday primetime event with a guitar and a song that the nation’s NFL fan base and betting public will have a different opinion about 28 or more of the league’s teams that they did on Sunday morning.

And I am without a doubt 100 percent certain that the Niners won’t run over th4e Rams like they did coach Kitchen’s Browns on Sunday. Nor will San Fran’s running back Matt Breida take the team’s first offensive snap over 80 yards to the house untouched. Not against the Rams.

There isn’t a chance on God’s green earth that Nick Bosa will find getting to Jared Goff nearly as easy as he did Baker Mayfield. And I am 110 percent stupid-sure that neither Jimmy Garoppolo or Mayfield will ever be enshrined in the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

I think?

No, I know!

2019 NFL Games of the Year

Finally, I am positive that in the neighborhood of one month ago I published an updated line report from the Las Vegas SuperBook’s 2019 NFL Games of the Year and the Los Angeles Rams were minus-2.5 point road favorites versus the San Francisco 49ers in Week 16.

And as all can see below the latest update has nearly a touchdown swing in Westgate’s GOY update with the Niners as minus-2.5 point home chalk. This for that same Week 16 event that the Rams were favored in mid-September.

The World’s Largest Race and Sportsbook, Westgate of Las Vegas, provides the latest 2019 NFL Games of the Year odds:


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Westgate 2019 NFL Games of the Year updates