Odds on 1st Player selected in 2019 NFL Draft

The 84th annual NFL Draft is just around the corner. The league’s selection process will be held on April 25–27 in Nashville, Tennessee. The first round is executed on the first day of the event, April 25. The second and third rounds will take place on April 26. Followed by rounds 4–7 on April 27.

This months draft will include a record 111 eligible* underclassmen who have decided to forego their college eligibility.

*players must be at least three years removed from high school

The 2019 NFL Team Draft Order
RdPickNFL TeamComments
11Arizona Cardinals
12San Francisco 49ers
13New York Jets
14Oakland Raiders
15Tampa Bay Buccaneers
16New York Giants
17Jacksonville Jaguars
18Detroit Lions
19Buffalo Bills
110Denver Broncos
111Cincinnati Bengals
112Green Bay Packers
113Miami Dolphins
114Atlanta Falcons
115Washington Redskins
116Carolina Panthers
117New York Giantsfrom Cleveland
118Minnesota Vikings
119Tennessee Titans
120Pittsburgh Steelers
121Seattle Seahawks
122Baltimore Ravens
123Houston Texans
124Oakland Raidersfrom Chicago
125Philadelphia Eagles
126Indianapolis Colts
127Oakland Raidersfrom Dallas
128Los Angeles Chargers
129Kansas City Chiefs
130Green Bay Packersfrom New Orleans
131Los Angeles Rams
132NE Patriots

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Odds on 1st Player selected in 2019 NFL Draft

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