Monday Night Football Props: Patriots vs Jets

Monday Night Football Props: Patriots vs Jets

So you believe in, and handicap Sunday and Monday National Football League games based on NFL history. You buy into the theory that trends are history and history repeats itself. You personally witnessed the New York Jets manhandling the Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders at the Meadowlands in Week 6. And the entire charade of a win for the Jets and their faithful can be chalked up to “on any given Sunday”.  Monday Night Football Props: Patriots vs Jets.

The winless Jets earned their first victory of 2019 on emotion, not talent. The Meadowlands was an ocean of green. The return of starting quarterback Sam Darnold from a four-week mono-induced hiatus offered the team and the J-E-T-S Jets Jets Jets the needed adrenaline boost to be their best.

Odds on Jets winning second straight?

All indications are that the Jets victory over the Cowboys last Sunday was an anomaly or an aberration if you please. The New York faithful were dressed in their war gear. The faces were painted with green footballs. The Jets were returning their injured quarterback of the future in Darnold. And the game was being played in their swamp. Well, a Jersey swamp. Yeah, close enough.

The early returns on Sam Darnold’s first action after missing a trio of games to illness were over-the-top positive. Back from a Darnold offered more than enough evidence to support his standing in the community. The truth is without Darnold the Jets could have started Trevor Siemian and traded the No. 3 signal-caller Luke Falk to the Cowboys for a surprise start and both QB’s would find a way to lose.

Darnold’s inexperience, not just at the professional level but at quarterback, period, is all the evidence you needed to put a checkmark by the Dallas Cowboys on Sunday night and New York’s foe tonight, New England.

Meadowland and Jets on MNF?

Throw in the fact that the Jets haven’t won a Monday Night Football home game since 2011. That C.J. Mosley is listed as questionable on the injury report and the Jets have major offensive line questions heading into this game. And a win by the Pats tonight is a walk in the “Central” park.

If all else fails ask the Magic 8 Ball

Furthermore, you witnessed what Dak and E-z-e did to Carson Wentz and the Eagles on Sunday Night Football. And your handicapping formula’s final prognosticating visual (ask the Magic 8 Ball) and the results were mesmerizing.

Coincidentally the Magic 8 Ball has eight possible answers. And after asking it eight different questions about tonight’s game each and every answer screamed Patriots win and cover.

Question: Magic 8 Ball are you ready to share the final score of the Monday Night Game between the Jets and New England Patriots.
Answer: Better not tell you now

Question: Magic 8 Ball when should I return to ask about tonight’s game?
Answer: Ask again later.

Question: Is it partly cloudy for my fantasy quarterback, Tom Brady, tonight? Or are all things going to be good as rain?
Answer: Cannot predict now.

Question: Ok then Magic 8 Ball an off-topic question then. Is it true that Bill Belichek, who was at the time organizing the post-game Super Bowl LIII party invited Leonardo DiCaprio to the event to help Gisele Bündchen help with the bartending? Leo reportedly took snaps of beer bottles, and such,  from Gisele, you know, center to quarterback, doggie style. Is this true?
Answer: It is decidedly so

Question: Are you ready to answer the riddle of who will win tonight in the Meadowlands?
Answer: My 8 Ball shows you envisioning behind with Gisele please “Concentrate and ask again”

Question: Sorry 8 Ball. Can you forgive me and forget what you saw in the 8 Ball:
Answer: Don’t count on it.

Question: Magic 8 Ball will Tom Brady complete at least 25 pass attempts tonight and will the Pats win and cover?
Answer: As I see it, yes.

Monday Night Football Props

Tonight’s MNF propositions for the Patriots vs Jets affair are provided by the World’s Largest Race and Sportsbook, Westgate of Las Vegas


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Monday Night Football Props: Patriots vs Jets