2021 NFL Quarterback Depth Charts

NFL Preseason QB Rotations

The NFL Preseason is a completely unique handicap relative to the NFL regular season and playoffs. One of the most important tools when handicapping the preseason is to know the quarterback rotations and how long each QB will be playing. Over the last six years, Ralph Michaels has been WagerTalk’s No. 1 handicapper in the NFL preseason, hitting 68.2-percent of his wagers. Ralph provides some NFL preseason betting tips to help pad your bankroll for the 2021 season.

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NFL Preseason Betting Tips

1) Pay attention to motivation levels, especially with young head coaches. The NFL Preseason is the only time you can bet on a team and head coach that wants to win versus a team and head coach that are not trying to win.

2) Start with blank slate on new head coaches. You must evaluate each coach from their quotes and by learning after each game they play.

3) Pay attention to the number of quarterbacks that each team is practicing with. Teams with only three quarterbacks in camp are able to spread their practice reps and game time more effectively. Teams that have four (or more) quarterbacks in camp struggle to spread meaningful reps through out their rotation.

4) Pay attention to quarterback battles. Teams with a legitimate battle (like Denver this season) will often have those battling QB’s play more in the preseason. Knowing that a potential starter may be playing into the third quarter could present a great live-betting opportunity.

5) Look for continuity. When a team returns their head coach and all their quarterbacks, they normally have a significant edge in the preseason. The 2021 Las Vegas Raiders are the only team to return all three quarterbacks that were on the team last season.

6) Pay attention to where the rookie quarterbacks are on the depth chart. When teams have a rookie QB as their preseason No. 1 or No. 2 and have a veteran QB as their No. 3, you can usually find a live-betting advantage with that veteran quarterback. The Bears have Nick Foles listed as their No. 3 quarterback, even though he started seven games for Chicago last season. If Foles is playing in the second half, he’s likely to be much better than the opposition at that time.

NFL QB Depth Charts

2021 NFL QB Depth Chart

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