Caesars Palace NFL Season Win Totals and Odds

Caesars Palace NFL Season Win Totals and Odds

It would be too easy to throw a baker’s dozen of sentences together offering an op-ed on the timing of Andrew Luck’s retirement from football. The decision to retire, his decision, will have a significant impact on the Colts 2019 season. The Indianapolis franchise is now in the league’s concussion protocol. Luck’s retirement has created trauma to the head of the Colts organization. And like any injury the healing process takes time will take. I have the utmost faith that the powers that are, that lead and direct this Indianapolis franchise,  will ameliorate. Caesars Palace NFL Season Win Totals and Odds.

Colts’ Season Win Totals and Odds

Injuries in the NFL are not new. Whether it is to an individual player or organization dealing with fractures is part of the day-to-day operations. God, and those I work with at WagerTalk, know that there are few things I enjoy more than speaking and writing to extreme situations. I use “extreme” in relation to the expanse between the far-right and far-left commentary of the situation.

How you or I feel about the timing of Mr. Luck’s decision isn’t relevent to the totality.  It is our responsbility to come to grips with the fact that it was his and his decision alone. And that is exactly what and how it should be.  That is the lesson in this scenario.

If you are willing to surrender your God-given right of free-will – and let others not just judge but sentence you – then you’ve earned the right to hurricane your slant on the subject.

Luck’s decision, just like the daily decisions we make in relation to our own well being, creates a ripple in the kibbutz of what we know to be our orbit. The Indianapolis Colts’ 2019 NFL Season Win Total experienced more than a ripple. A whitecap hit the Colts’ opening season team win total moving the adjustment to as low as 6.5 regular-season wins at a number of Vegas and Offshore sportsbooks. The Palace Race and Sportsbook check-in with an updated seven (7) regular season team wins with just over a week before the Green Basy Packers and Chicago Bears kickoff the league’s 2019 season opener at Soldier Field.

Caesars Palace Race and Sportsbook on the Las Vegas Strip

Caesars Palace Sportsbook Futures for 2019-2020 NFL Season Win Totals are as follows:





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Caesars Palace NFL Season Win Totals and Odds