2020-21 NFL Power Ratings and Schedule Guide

2020-21 NFL Power Ratings

Ralph Michaels is giving out his NFL Power Ratings and Schedule Guide for the upcoming season for free to WagerTalk customers and it is packed with tons of information for sports bettors:

– Three years of stats including: Yards/play diff, Yards/game diff and Points/game diff
-Stats with top eight and bottom eight highlighted
-NFL Win Totals and results for the last three seasons
-Opening 2020 Win Totals, Division Odds & Playoffs (yes/no) from the Superbook in Vegas (check the latest NFL Odds with WagerTalk Live Lines)
-Week by week NFL 2020 Schedule
-Ralph Michaels exclusive team by team schedule logs
-Team and opp Power Ratings.
-Ralph’s projected line on every game and his projected NFL Season Win Totals (home edge of 2.0 used with uncertainty).
-Average season line and Strength of Schedule (SOS) for each NFL team

2020-21 NFL Schedule and Power Ratings Guide (Free Download)


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