Get In on the Simulated NFL Action at YouWager

In the dearth of real sports action gamblers are flocking to simulated sports (video games). Lines makers have long used simulated sports to set odds for upcoming matches.
The public has now caught on. With week 1 NFL lines already up and the next Football season currently being simulated at Youwager, players can play the simulated game and double down on the game itself or even parlay the simulated preview with the actual match.
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In the grand scheme of things, professional sports are not that important when compared to lockdowns and people dying during a pandemic. That said, many of us have come to learn that sports are essentially woven into the fabric of our DNA, which makes their absence more than a little painful. The good news is that we are slowly seeing the return of sports, with the major European soccer leagues leading the way. The NHL has also announced plans to return, while the NBA and MLB are in talks to get things rolling sooner rather than later.


The one professional league that has the benefit of time on their side is the NFL, as the COVID-19 situation will hopefully be a lot less stressful when football opens for business. People who wager on sports love all the action, but it is the NFL that gets the majority of the love and money. There are plenty of things to wager on ahead of the regular season, but if you are like me, you will want to bet on football TODAY!! Guess what, you can now do that on MyBookie.


As the quote at the top of this piece states, bookies and line makers have long relied on simulations to come up with their odds and lines. This all happens behind the scenes, but you now have a chance to wager on simulated games via MyBookie. Not only that, you can log on to Twitch and watch the games as they happen. The link for all the games is


The entire 2020 NFL regular season will be simulated on MyBookie, with multiple games on tap throughout the day. Are you eager to see how Tom Brady will look in a Tampa Bay Buccaneers uniform or if Lamar Jackson’s video game type stats from last season actually play out the same way in an actual video game? If so, then you need to be tuning into the simulations and getting some wagers on. All the bets – SU, ATS, and O/U, as well as first half wagers – are all available.


The lineup for Monday, June 8 is as follows:


Tennessee Titans Vs Minnesota Vikings 12 PM EST

Washington Redskins Vs Cleveland Browns 2:30 PM EST

LA Rams Vs Buffalo Bills 5 PM EST

Chicago Bears Vs Atlanta Falcons 7:30 PM EST

Carolina Panthers Vs LA Chargers 10 PM EST


Why not tune into these games and get some wagers going while you watch. You can even put together a parlay if you are feeling confident. For all your betting action, YouWager is the place to be, so follow this link and get back in the game today: