Buster’s Top-10 NHL Teams (Jan. 13 -19)

Busters Sports will be releasing their Top-10 NHL teams each week of the 2019-20 season. They will not be the top-10 teams in terms of league standings, but what we believe are the teams that are deserving of the top spots in the NHL. Buster Sports dominated the NHL last year with a record of 166-126-9, making their clients a PROFIT OF 115.68%.

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Buster’s Top-10 NHL Teams (Jan. 13 – 19)


The best team in the league right now has really started to stumble and arguably, they might not be the best anymore. The Capitals come off a 1-2 week. We actually said in last weeks Top 10 that they would need 2 wins and they will stay Number 1 on our list. Well we are going to keep them on the top for at least one more week. We believe they deserve that. The Blues will take the top spot next week if the Capitals stumble again this week. They play 3 games this week, two are at home to finish their 3 game home stand. All teams get a bye week during the All-star weekend that last for 6 to 10 days depending on the club. After these 3 games the Capitals will not play until the 27th of January. They actually might need the rest to get refreshed for the long run after the break. Only time will tell if they will continue to be Number 1 on out list.


Well did we ever make a mistake with this club. We dropped the Blues below the Avalanche last week after Colorado took them to the woodshed. All that has happened since is that the Blues won all 3 games this week and the Avalanche dropped all 3 and will fall down the list. This team is arguably the hardest working team in the NHL. (Pittsburgh is right there as well) This team continues to fight whatever injuries are thrown their way and continue to find ways to win. The best thing we believe about the Blues is this club can win 2-1 and then if necessary 6-4. They have 3 games this week and like the Capitals are off until the 27th of January. They will keep the Number 2 spot no matter what and who knows may go to Number 1.


The Bruins look to have righted the ship after winning all 3 games this week. They even won a game in OT, a situation that they have been terrible at all this year. This team can be the best in the NHL as we did have them Number 1 for many weeks . We will look for this Bruins club to play better now that they have seemed to get out of that XMAS funk they were in. They have 4 games this week and will not start their bye week until the middle of next week. It is not going to be easy as they play Philadelphia tonight and they have a back to back with the Penguins. What is interesting in that spot is that the Penguins play Detroit in between. They will lose spot Number 3 if they are swept by Pittsburgh. If they go 2-2 on the week, they will keep their spot.


The Penguins keep moving up our list as they now sit in the Number 4 spot. The Penguins won all 3 games this week, the last two in OT and a SO respectively. This team, like the Blues, works harder than any team in the league, especially with all the injuries. The Penguins lost leading scorer Jake Guentzel last week and nothing changed, they just keep winning. Sidney Crosby should be back soon, maybe as soon as tomorrow night at home. Pittsburgh has 4 games this week and if they sweep Boston they will also take their spot on our list. Tampa Bay is breathing down everyone’s neck so if the Penguins go 1-3 or 0-4 they drop down the list.


Tampa Bay jumps up to the Number 5 spot on our list and they keep moving up as they finally had their 10 game winning streak snapped yesterday in Newark. This team is playing like the best in the NHL and we believe in another month or so you might see them at the Top of our list. They play 3 games this week, the last one on Friday and then they are not back until the 27th a nice long break. We do not see this team falling from this spot, only losing all 3 games would make that happen.


We put the team that we really like to have a good chance to win all the marbles in the second spot this week. This is what we said last week and then the Avalanche went out and lost 3 straight games. This team has now lost 6 out of their last 8 games and they are the best team in hockey that doesn’t seem to know how to win. We drop them down to the Number 6 spot on our list and we are amazed that they keep losing with the line up that they have. It is obvious that something has to change and truthfully, we are not sure what it is. They play 3 games this week and then one more on the Monday. They are the team that gets the most time off during their bye week. It is only by one day but still the longest. They will definitely need it to figure things out. If they do figure it out, they can be a very dangerous club moving forward. Only time will tell.


The Islanders surprised us this week and actually will move up a spot on our list as the Maple Leafs drop back off the list with their just brutal defensive play going 0-3 for the week. We still believe it is a matter of time for this team to fall off the list, but they won 2 out of 3 games this week with their only loss in OT. That keeps them in good standing with us. The scheduler has been just brutal to the Islanders as they have an unbelievable 5 games this week. We can’t remember if we ever saw anything like this in the NHL. We will be giving the Islanders a pass because of this and as long as they win 2 out of the 5 we will keep them somewhere on our list.


Our Number 1 team at the beginning of the season is slowly making its way back up the list and now sit in the Number 6 position. This is what we said last week about Vegas. They had won all 4 games on their homestand with 3 to go. Well they dropped all 3 games this week and thus they drop back down our list. They have 3 games all on the road this week and then they play one more next Tuesday. They get a nice break from the 22nd to the 30th and like a bunch of these top clubs, they will have to regroup for the stretch run.


The Hurricanes are the Jekyll and Hyde of the NHL and of our list. Two weeks ago, they were back on our list then they lost 2 out of 3 games and were off the list last week. This week they won 3 games and now have actually won 5 out of their last 7 games. They have 4 games this week and because this team is so up and down we have no idea if they can stay on the list next week. Just as many teams on this list Carolina is going to welcome the bye week break as if they can get better goaltending, they will contend in the Eastern Conference again this year.


We welcome the Dallas Stars back on the list. The Stars had won 6 games in a row before losing Saturday against San Jose in a game that they could have easily have won. It is really looking like this club might be here to stay for a while as all phases of their game are starting to click. Goal scoring is still a problem but they did score 4 goals on 3 occasions on their 6 game winning streak. The Stars play 3 games this week and 2-1 keeps them on the list. This is just another club of many that can play good enough hockey to be a factor once post season starts. As we approach the all-star break, we believe there are at least 10 teams that could lift the Cup this year. Dallas believe it or not is one of them.





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