Buster’s Top-10 NHL Teams (Oct. 21-27)

Busters Sports will be releasing their Top-10 NHL teams each week of the 2019-20 season. They will not be the top-10 teams in terms of league standings, but what we believe are the teams that are deserving of the top spots in the NHL. Buster Sports dominated the NHL last year with a record of 166-126-9, making their clients a PROFIT OF 115.68%.

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Buster’s Top-10 NHL Teams (Oct. 21-27)


Vegas keeps their number 1 ranking as they went 2-1 on the week. We really like what they have going in the desert this year. Hitting the road and blanking a Pittsburgh club that has been playing well with a lot of injuries was impressive. We said this last week and I will say this for the next 7 months, but it is such a fact. Still a concern about the goaltending to get them all the way.


Now we are more than slightly pissed with the Bruins as they totally dominated the hated Leafs on Saturday but lost in OT with our money on them. They went 1-2 on the week but losses to both teams in OT that they will face in the playoffs. They stay in spot 2 as they really have looked good enough to take the Number 1 spot from Vegas but not this week.


As we said last week, we still believe they will win the Presidents Trophy but they have had a rough start to the beginning of the year. Played much better this week and went 2-1 on the week. We have to admit a little concern after the beatdown they took from Colorado at home on Saturday. However, they will stay in spot number 3 for now.


The Avalanche move up to number 4 on our list this week and if they keep playing the way they are, Number 1 could be a few weeks away. Colorado is the only club that has not lost in regulation time and they had a very impressive week on the road especially after hammering Tampa Bay 6-2. The line of MacKinnon, Rantanen and Landeskog have combined for 29 points so far this year and they are going to be tough to stop. As we said last week, might be something special going on in Denver this year. Time will tell.


The Predators as a lot of our Top 10 had a losing week but they still sit in our 5th spot on our list. We like the way the Predators have looked and they stay in number 5 because they went in and beat our number 1 team Vegas quite handily on Tuesday night. Center Matt Duchene leads the Preds with 10 points and this club is playing like a team. We love to see that in hockey, as it is maybe the most important aspect of our game. They have lost 2 games in a row but we will not blame them for the OT loss to Florida after a road trip. We expect them to have a big week coming up.


The Leafs take one-step up to 6 after a 2-1 week. They moved up because of the Carolina drop and we are not to sure how long they will stay here if they play the way they have. They should have lost to Boston but that is the NHL. Some nights you cannot put the puck in the net. Still the talent is there and losing their captain for a while is not easy for a young club. They did get the win against Boston so we give them credit. They have 4 games this week and we will be watching to see if they will start to impress.


Well we still believe in the Hurricanes but there is no doubt that when this young club actually went on a real road trip they looked terrible. They went 1-2 on the week but really could have been easily 0-3. After winning their first 5 they have now lost 3 out of 4 games. This week is a weird scheduling spot for Carolina as they will continue on the road on Thursday in Columbus after playing 3 games out West. The catch is they finished that road trip on Friday. The little break will be good for Carolina, a regroup for a club we still like a lot.


The forgotten club had one of the best weeks of the Top 10 going 3-1 on the week. The former Stanley Cup Champs still have been playing decent hockey through the first few weeks of the season. John Carlson leads the league in scoring and Alex Ovechkin has been playing some nice hockey as well to start the year. They are struggling with goaltending and have gave up almost 4 goals a game the last 4 but they still are winning, so that is all that matters in this league. Every point is an important, even in October. The Caps started a 5 game road trip with a win in Chicago last night and we will have a better feel on this club in the next little while. They stay in our Top 10 for now.


The Sabres join the list this week and jump right over the Oilers into the spot held by the Blues. There is no doubt this club has had a great start to the season. However, they are young. They went a very impressive 3-1 winning games in LA and San Jose. They still have only lost one game in regulation time this year and have a week ahead that could still leave them on this list next week. Who knows if they turn the current two game streak into 6 games by this time next week and they could move up the list.


We know it’s very early and we will be definitely surprised if this club makes the playoffs. This is what we said last week and this statement still holds true today. The Oilers finished the week 2-2 and have only lost 1 game in regulation time so far this year. However, they lost to Chicago, almost lost to Detroit and then lost to Winnipeg in a SO last night. The great offense has went to sleep and that can spell trouble if not addressed. The Oilers just were a no show last night and basically their inept play cost us a HUGE wager. The goaltending has been solid and we are waiting for that cookie to crumble. As for now, they hold the last spot on the list and if we thought we could honestly put some other team 10th we would have, as we are not impressed with the week especially last night.





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