Buster’s Top-10 NHL Teams (Oct. 28 – Nov. 3)

Busters Sports will be releasing their Top-10 NHL teams each week of the 2019-20 season. They will not be the top-10 teams in terms of league standings, but what we believe are the teams that are deserving of the top spots in the NHL. Buster Sports dominated the NHL last year with a record of 166-126-9, making their clients a PROFIT OF 115.68%.

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Buster’s Top-10 NHL Teams (Oct. 28 – Nov. 3)


We knew it was going to happen sooner rather than later and the Bruins have made it to the Top of our Top 10 list. There is no doubt at this moment they are the best team in the league. They have started where they left off last year losing only once in regulation in 11 games. The Bruins went 3-0 this week and pissed all over a decent NYR team on Sunday night. They only play 2 games this week against inferior competition, so you will see them at the top again next week.


Vegas drops a spot and with another week like this one, they will drop further next week. They went 2-2 on the week getting beat up by Philadelphia and Colorado. They do have scheduling excuses for losing both games, however not that bad. G Fleury is already being over used and as we finish every week with the Golden Knights. It is becoming a HUGE concern about the goaltending to get them all the way. They will not play again until Thursday so that could help the club regroup.


The Avalanche move up to number 3 on our list this week as the Lightning take a bit of a drop. It is strange for us to move up a team after a losing week but this club has now went into TB and Vegas and hammered two of the best clubs in the league in their barn and that is HUGE points in our books. The line of MacKinnon, Rantanen and Landeskog took a hit when Miko Rantanen was injured in St. Louis on Monday night. The Avalanche are saying week to week but if he is out for any length of time, it could hurt a team that looks like they are as good as anyone in this league is right now.


We said at the end of last week we expected Nashville to have a big week in the upcoming week and that is exactly what happened. Nashville went 3-0 on the week, and they will move back to their spot at the beginning of the year. We love that the Predators like the Avalanche have went into Vegas and Tampa bay and beat our top two clubs from the start of the season. They play 3 home games this week and could be on a 6 game winning streak by the time next weeks Top 10 comes out. Look for them to move up our list if that happens.


The forgotten club had another 3-1 week this week, and they have only lost a couple of times in regulation. The former Stanley Cup Champs move up 3 spots on this weeks Top 10 and they could be here to stay. We are very surprised by this club and really are impressed with the fight they have shown of late. (we mentioned earlier that is always their problem) On Friday, they came back from down 5-1 to tie the game in the third and then win in OT. We love teams that have that kind of grit. They are still struggling with goaltending but for now are outscoring everyone. Time will tell if that eventually catches up with them. This week they have some solid tests as they play Toronto, Buffalo and Calgary.


As we said last week, we still believe they will win the Presidents Trophy but after this past week, we might have to rethink that statement. We know it is early and they have tons of talent but something is missing. One of their problems is they do not seem invincible at home as they were last year. They are already 2-1-1 on the young year and last year they were an unbelievable 32-7-2. We will be watching them quite closely this week as they go on a 3 game road trip. Everyone needs to start playing better or they will keep falling down this list.


The Sabres jump up two more spots this week and not because they played great but basically cause they are the 7th best team to us at this time. They went 2-1 this week being hammered by New York for their only loss. The Sabres PP has not been as productive as earlier in the season but they are getting great goaltending from both Hutton and Ullmark. This is HUGE for a young team and we love the fact that they can win with adversity. Things start to get really nasty for the Sabres as they have 3 tough games this week and next week they go to Sweden to face the Lightning in the Global Series. They still have only lost twice in regulation time this year and these next two weeks will show us lots about this young club.


The Hurricanes drop a spot and will soon start fighting other clubs to stay in our Top 10. We still believe in the Hurricanes but the trouble they have had on the road is a HUGE cause for concern. You must be able to go out on these road trips and win and so far, that has not happened early in the season for the Hurricanes. They went 1-1 on the week losing in OT and that helps keep them on our list. They play the next 3 games at home. In other words if they start losing in Raleigh they will drop out of the Top 10 quite quickly, for now they are shaky in the 8th spot.


We know it’s very early and we will be definitely surprised if this club makes the playoffs. This is what we said two weeks ago and this is what we said last week. The Oilers finished the week 1-2 and were beat up by Florida yesterday. What happened yesterday could be exactly who this club is. They still hold the lead in the Pacific and that is probably the only reason they still are in our Top 10. They have 3 games on the road this week and if they do not win 2 out of 3 they will be out of our list as we have 3 to 4 up and coming clubs that will be looking to get in.


The Leafs are hanging on to the last spot in our Top 10 list. We said a couple of weeks ago on Puck Time that we were not impressed with this club and they have showed the world what we already knew but what maybe others did not. Here is a club that went 1-3 this week and could have went 0-4 scoring late to beat San Jose. Here are the Leafs issues that we have mentioned right from the beginning in no particular order. The revamped D is not going to cut it and they need a big name guy to help. They need a real backup goaltender as Hutchinson has now allowed over 4 goals a game in his 4 starts. They need to pick up a guy to protect Mathews or he will be out with an injury sooner than later. Montreal and San Jose showed that point this weekend. However last but as they say not least somehow, someway Babcock has to go. (that will be the tough one) The reason they stay in our Top 10 is that we will give them the benefit of the doubt, that Captain Tavares being out is a BIG issue for the young club. Only 2 games this week and only wins keep them in our Top 10.




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