Odds to Win Sir Stanley’s Cup (March 13)

The 2018 Stanley Cup Playoffs are just around the corner. For hockey fanatics it is easily the most exciting time of the spring and early summer. A game on ice during the initial fade of the winter freeze. There are still a large number of National Hockey League franchises jockeying for postseason positions. In addition the NHL Power Ranking opinions differ from NHL portal-to-portal. Odds to Win Sir Stanley’s Cup (March 13).

At first glance I found to my surprise that CBS Sports’ NHL Power Rankings didn’t place the Tampa Bay Lightning in the top spot. The Florida Boltz were the first team to reach 100 points and are in a position, considering the remainder of their regular season schedule, to win the 2018 Presidents’ Trophy.

Cody Benjamin of CBS Sports wrote, “Don’t be mistaken. The Lightning are still the class act of hockey, all things considered. They’re now the first team to hit 100 points in the standings, their goal differential is a whopping 118 points better than the last-place Arizona Coyotes, and they’ve scored no less than four goals in eight of their last 10 games over a 9-0-1 stretch. This is a team that simply hasn’t wavered from the get-go, and no one brings more firepower to the postseason.”

Benjamin went on to state, “That said, there’s another team who has got the goaltending to rival them, the 2017 playoff run to drive them, and the unparalleled depth to outlast them. That’s the Nashville Predators, who are also 9-0-1 over their last 10 and just so happen to be playing some of their best hockey as the regular season winds down. While they haven’t — and may not — top the Lightning in the hunt for a Presidents’ Trophy, the Preds make for serious Cup contenders thanks to their onslaught of lineups and red-hot run to April. And that’s enough for us to, at least temporarily, make them our No. 1 team in the NHL.”

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Odds to Win Sir Stanley’s Cup (March 13)










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