Outside of wagering in the National Hockey League over-under option the sport doesn’t capture a large percentage of the sportsbook and gaming audience. According to most sportsbook directors and those that collect NHL data in relation to gambling state that less than two percent of a books handle is directly related to hockey. Updated Odds to Win 2019 Stanley Cup.

The simple fact is unless live (in-game betting) that would include opportunities to place a bet on the next player or team to score with relevant odds becomes prevalent and available via easy to use mobile applications hockey doesn’t traditionally have enough events to overwhelmingly garner interest from gamblers. The scoring is the NHL sits on the fence between International Soccer and Major League Baseball and the majority of hockey wagers are in fact on totals.

All things being equal if it were not for the handicap (point-spread) in football and basketball gamers would become frustrated and bored looking at a laundry list of money-lines all day. If the money-line option were the only option to place one’s lunch money on a hoop or gridiron event basketball and football wouldn’t be nearly as popular as it is with  the average gamer. And the average player, casual gamer, is the bread and butter of the Vegas and Offshore Sportsbook market.

The Ottawa Senators (13.3-2) and Philadelphia Flyers (12-5) have been uber-profitable for bettors that have supported the two NHL franchises on over-the-total wagers this season.

A list of NHL teams and their over-under records are below along with updated Odds to Win 2019 Stanley Cup. The latter is provided by the World’s Largest Race and Sportsbook, WestGate of Las Vegas.


NHL Totals Records – teams alphabetically listed
Over/Under Records
Teams    Total   Home  Away
Anaheim Ducks6-13-03-8-03-5-0
Arizona Coyotes6-10-04-3-02-7-0
Boston Bruins5-11-13-5-12-6-0
Buffalo Sabres10-6-15-3-05-3-1
Calgary Flames9-9-07-0-02-9-0
Carolina Hurricanes7-11-04-5-03-6-0
Chicago Blackhawks9-8-14-4-05-4-1
Colorado Avalanche8-9-02-4-06-5-0
Blue Jackets8-10-05-4-03-6-0
Dallas Stars7-9-26-3-11-6-1
Detroit Red Wings9-7-13-5-16-2-0
Edmonton Oilers7-9-12-5-05-4-1
Florida Panthers5-6-32-3-23-3-1
Los Angeles Kings6-9-15-5-01-4-1
Minnesota Wild8-8-13-4-05-4-1
Montreal Canadiens9-7-15-5-04-2-1
Nashville Predators7-9-13-4-14-5-0
New Jersey Devils9-4-23-3-16-1-1
New York Islanders6-8-22-4-04-4-2
New York Rangers7-11-02-7-05-4-0
Ottawa Senators13-3-26-2-27-1-0
Philadelphia Flyers12-5-05-3-07-2-0
Pittsburgh Penguins5-8-22-4-23-4-0
San Jose Sharks10-8-05-3-05-5-0
St. Louis Blues9-6-07-4-02-2-0
Tampa Bay Lightning8-8-14-5-14-3-0
Toronto Maple Leafs5-11-12-8-03-3-1
Vancouver Canucks8-10-14-2-14-8-0
Vegas Golden Knights7-11-02-5-05-6-0
Washington Capitals9-5-25-4-14-1-1
Winnipeg Jets6-7-35-4-11-3-2




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Updated Odds to Win 2019 Stanley Cup




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