The national media outlets that cover Major League Baseball are littered with reports that the current state of affairs among the Miami Marlins players is nothing short of disaray. pulbished an article today reporting that Marlines outfielder Christian Yelich is “unhappy” over the Miami Marlins’ player exodus this offseason. Odds to Win 2018 World Series (Dec 18).

MLB insider sources told ESPN that Yelich “wants to give the team’s front office a chance to explain its rebuilding plan before he assesses his future with the franchise.” The report stated that “Yelich, who spoke earlier this offseason with Michael Hill, the Marlins’ president of baseball operations, expects to have a follow-up conversation with Hill this week because he’s trying to be “respectful” of the organization, said a source familiar with the situation.”

The new-look Marlins are now under the direction of a Derek Jeter-led ownership group. Since the new front office “has signed off on trading Giancarlo Stanton, Dee Gordon and Marcell Ozuna in the quest to cut payroll, attention has focused on Yelich and catcher J.T. Realmuto, budding stars who are likely to attract considerable interest if they were made available in trades.”

Also, Miami Marlins starting catcher Realmuto has requested to be traded, according to ESPN today. “The Marlins, under new ownership since October, have traded National League MVP Giancarlo Stanton, two-time All-Star second baseman Dee Gordon and All-Star outfielder Marcell Ozuna this offseason to reduce payroll.

The Marlins opened at 80-to-1 odds to win the 2018 Fall Classic at WestGate. Consequently the franchise’s updated odds are now at 500-to-1, the longest on the sportsbook futures chart.


Also a complete list of updated Odds to Win 2018 World Series are provided by The World’s Largest Race and Sportbook:

Odds to Win 2018 World Series (Dec 18)

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